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Fuchs Overdrive Supreme

Amazing craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal, top-notch

Andy Fuchs, a tube audio product builder from Bloomfield, New Jersey, recently sent us one of his Overdrive Supreme amp heads. Cased in a finger-jointed pine cabinet with tolex covering, the Overdrive Supreme definitely looks cool. (more…)

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Rory Gallagher – Let’s Go To Work


Rory Gallagher’s mention brings a certain vision: denim jeans and a flannel shirt. An old Strat with very little finish left. High-spirited yet authentic blues and rock. Consummate musicianship. A CD box set also brings a (more…)

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Sam Bush and David Grisman – Hold On, We’re Strummin’


When asked to name the two most influential mandolin players of the last twenty years most mandolin aficionados will say Sam Bush and David Grisman. Although they have shared the same stage and often jammed together, they’ve never released (more…)

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Chet Atkins: Me and My Guitars – Chet Atkins and Russ Cochran


Chet Atkins has a deserved reputation as a great guitar player and all-around nice guy. So it’s a pleasure to see a book that is part biography and part history of his personal guitars. Atkins was no guitar (more…)

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Tony Joe White – The Heroines


For his latest album, the “Swamp Fox” came up with a cool concept: half solo vocals, half duets with five of his favorite female singers, on a collection of new originals and collaborations, book-ended by a pair of instrumentals. After the opening gut-string instrumental, “Gabriella,” (more…)

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Alecia Nugent – Alecia Nugent


Don’t let the spelling of her first name lead you to believe Alecia Nugent is one of those overly affected country divas the labels trot out with lugubrious regularity. Instead, her debut album harkens to the days when bluegrass was new and unadorned (more…)

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Larry Sparks – 40


After doing one thing for 40 years, you either get really good or you die. Larry Sparks refers to himself as “The youngest of the old-timers,” and on his latest, he delivers bluegrass that even Bill Monroe would call “powerful good.” Here, Sparks is joined by a (more…)

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Radial Engineering Tonebone Classic, Hot British, and Switchbone

Tonebone Pedals

Radial Engineering’s Tonebone distortion pedals have been making serious “noise” in the few short months since their introduction. Whether online or in print, the good word has spread quickly, and followers have come in droves. Radial, creators of the trio of Tonebones – the (more…)

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Tommy Shaw

Styx Strikes Back!

“About 10 years ago, we stopped being a rock band,” Tommy Shaw opined from the stage. After a pregnant pause, the Styx guitarist/vocalist announced, “We’re a classic rock band!” To which the audience responded in noisy agreement. The event was the (more…)

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“Big” Al Anderson

Nashville by way of Connecticut

Ask people what they know about “Big Al” Anderson and you’ll probably hear very different responses. Rockers will say that for 22 years he was the Tele-driving force behind New Rhythm and Blues Quartet (less formally and (more…)

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