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Yes – Yesspeak: 35th Anniversary DVD


While many music DVDs contain mostly concert material, the 2-disc Yesspeak takes an alternate approach – it features the famous members of the prog-rock giant Yes talking about the music created during its 35-year existence (it was founded in 1969 (more…)

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Santana – Santana: Legacy Edition


Watching Santana’s incendiary performance in the concert film of Woodstock, it’s almost beyond comprehension to realize that this was a band that had yet to release its debut album. That wouldn’t happen until August 19, 1969, a day after Jimi Hendrix’s early-morning (more…)

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Wayne Lap Steel

Wayne's new lap packs a wallop

Wayne Charvel’s name is familiar to any guitarist who was on the scene in the 1980s. If that rock star or bar wunderkind you saw was playing something with a pointy headstock and locking vibrato, there (more…)

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Taj Mahal

Eight Woner of the Music World

“I’ve never heard anybody come up and tell me that the music I’m playing don’t feel good,” says Taj Mahal. And it’s hard to imagine he ever will. Whether he’s performing solo, fronting a cooking R&B outfit, (more…)

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Dwight Twilley – 47 Moons


Dwight Twilley is like that cousin who used to pop in once in a blue moon and was great fun to be with and around. The last run-in I had with him was his terrific single, “Girls,” a slice of ’80s pop-rock heaven that (more…)

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Dave Biller – LeRoy’s Swing


LeRoy’s Swing is a stylish collection of Djangocentric music played with a Texas twist. Biller’s backing band is modeled after Django’s wartime Nouveau Quintette, with clarinet (played here by Ben Saffer) replacing the early violin. Rhythm comes from guitarists Anthony Locke and Jeff Seaver, (more…)

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Greg V – Tailgate Troubadour


Greg V has played and toured with acts like Double Trouble and Buddy Miles. But that won’t prepare you for this album of instrumentals that contains more tasty, atmospheric guitars than you’re likely to hear in a couple hundred albums. Greg plays guitars, baritone, lap (more…)

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Ian Date & Robin Nolan – Go Ahead


Take an Aussie living in Ireland and a Londoner living in Amsterdam, stick them in a studio, and what do you get? Gypsy swing, of course. Date, the ex-Aussie, has played with George Washingmachine and Martin Taylor, while Nolan has managed to tour the international (more…)

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Various Artists – Christmas Grass Too


It’s the time of year when you may be looking to make a few additions to your collection of Christmas records. Any record that starts with a Dolly Parton version of the wonderful “Christmas Time’s a Comin’” is alright in my book. Christmas (more…)

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Byther Smith – Hold That Train


Byther Smith is bad in the best sense of the word. Nicknamed “The Mississippi Kid,” Smith is a former boxer and manual laborer who later learned to wield an axe. As a guitar man, he’s been a mainstay on the Chicago blues (more…)

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