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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Tony Joe White – Snakey


The title track that opens the Swamp Fox’s latest offering sounds almost like a variation on his bluesy “As A Crow Flies,” from 1972′s The Train I’m On. Hallelujah! At this point in his career, White’s songwriting has earned him a comfortable enough living to allow him the luxury of doing what he damn well […]

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Gretsch 7680

Super Axe

Most of us are – or should be – aware of the enormous contributions of the late Chet Atkins, the Country Gentleman, to American popular music, from his complex fingerpicking style to producing early rock records. Not to mention the classic Gretsch hollowbody electric guitars that bore his name. But far fewer know how his […]

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Ernie Ball Steve Morse Model & Silhouette Special

High-Octane Solidbodies

The guitars of the Ernie Ball/Music Man Company generally cater to “guitarist’s guitarists,” that is, those fretboard virtuosos we all stand in awe of. Over the years, players who’ve lent their names at one time or another to Music Man axes include Steve Morse, Eddie Van Halen (now with Peavey), Steve Lukather, Albert Lee, and […]

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Joe Satriani

Finding Love in Space

As one of the best-known instrumental rock artists to break through to the mainstream, Joe Satriani achieved guitar hero status in the mid 1980s, after the release of his self-titled EP in ’84 and his acclaimed Not Of This Earth in 1986. Recognized for his melodic style and flawless technique, Satriani secured several high-profile side […]

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AC/DC – Family Jewels DVD

Family Jewels DVD

Like AC/DC? As in, a whole lotta AC/DC? If so, check out this massive 40-track/2-DVD set. Hardcore Angus-philes will dig that the first disc is devoted to the Bon Scott era, ca. 1975-’80 (Scott was the band’s original vocalist and died after a drinking binge in 1980). Disc two, meanwhile, is devoted to singer Brian […]

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Red Simpson – Truckers’ Christmas

Truckers' Christmas

It’s the time of year when you may be looking to make a few additions to your collection of Christmas records. The theme this year is “Eclectic.” For oddball fun, check out Red Simpson’s Truckers’ Christmas. First released in ’73, it contains stuff like “Santa’s Comin’ In a Big Ol’ Truck,” “Truckin’ Trees for Christmas,” […]

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Johnny Hiland – Johnny Hiland

Johnny Hiland

A friend of mine asked what I knew about Johnny Hiland. I repeated things I’d read about Hiland. You know, the blind guitarist from Nashville who looks like he plays in your hometown country-western bar, but deals as much in Van Halen as he does in Don Rich. Now, I can actually speak about his […]

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Jimmy Page and Robert Plant – No Quarter: Unledded

No Quarter: Unledded

The 1980s were not kind to Jimmy Page’s reputation. The death of John Bonham, the dissolution of Led Zeppelin; Page’s efforts with the Firm; and his poor showings with the survivors of Zeppelin at various high profile gigs all helped to tarnish his guitar hero credentials. All was redeemed on October 12, 1994, when MTV […]

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Hadden Sayers Band – 12 Bars and the Naked Truth

12 Bars and the Naked Truth

There’s no question what you’re going to get when you hear one of Hadden Sayers’ records. It’s rock and roll, plain and simple. No pretense, he just plugs in and plays, and brings with him a batch of good songs every time. His lyrics are usually direct and to the point, and his melodic hooks […]

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Janis Ian – Billie’s Bones

Billie's Bones

My fondness for Janis Ian comes as no surprise to longtime VG readers. My monthly column is named after one of her songs, and I have followed her career since I bought my first LP, which was also her first LP. Billie’s Bones marks another installment in her musical saga, and like most of her […]

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