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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Peavey T-45


It’s been more than 25 years since the Peavey Electronics Company introduced its revolutionary T-60 guitar and T-40 bass to a market that was immediately impacted by their quality and value. Moreover, the way the company built T-60s and T-40s – utilizing computer numerical control (CNC) routing machines and pre-stressed necks (carved with the truss […]

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SIB Echodrive, Varidrive, Fatdrive

They Ain't "Heavy..."

Rick Hamel is one half of the design team behind the SMF 15 Watter amplifier we reviewed in the April ’03 issue. And given his track record, the company he keeps (like tone legend Mark Sampson) and the fact that we greatly enjoyed the SMF, we had high hopes when we received a box Hamel’s […]

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Warren Haynes

Back on the Mule

Given his work ethic, it makes sense that Warren Haynes plays in a band called Gov’t Mule. A strong contender for Workaholic Guitarist of the Year, Haynes is active in three high-profile bands, and in his spare time he picks up a few solo gigs. In the two years since we last spoke with him, […]

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Dave Alvin

Blast Back to the Ashgrove

The Ashgrove was more than a club; it was a legend. Tucked away on Hollywood’s Melrose Avenue, founder Ed Pearl booked bands from Lightnin’ Hopkins to Bill Monroe and everything in between. Watching and learning from the floor were the likes of Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, and two teen brothers from nearby Downey – Phil […]

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BoDeans – Resolution


It has been awhile since the BoDeans have released a studio album – eight years. In that time, rock and roll has seen bands come and go, most of them not very good. It may sound curmudgeonly, but most bands lack the essentials: they don’t write very well and they don’t play that well. Let’s […]

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Z.Z. Top – Chrome, Smoke, and B. B. Q.

Chrome, Smoke, and B. B. Q.

Well, Z.Z. Top’s music has been released in a lot of forms on CD. I confess, I didn’t scarf up the other releases, even though I grew up on this stuff and love it dearly. It always seemed the packaging just wasn’t right. Never fear, the fine folks at Warner have put together a terrific […]

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Steve Howe – Elements


Some would say progressive rock, art rock, whatever you want to call it, has always seemed a little too pompous for it’s own good. Despite that, I’ve always loved Yes, and a good part of the reason is the guitar playing of Steve Howe. He’s obviously got the chops, and his influences always sneak in; […]

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Carl Verheyen Band – Six


While not exactly a household name, Carl has been around awhile. He’s a fine player who’s put out some nice solo work, and is also known for his studio work and touring with Supertramp. His solo work has always taken on a theme. The albums are always nice glimpses into the styles he’s chosen. And, […]

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Fifty Seven Stitch – Nerveblock


Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned American hard rock? You know the kind – crunching guitars, strong vocals, a deft melodic touch that never threatens to spiral into goo (thanks in large part to smoldering tube amps), a rhythm section tight enough to bounce numerous quarters off? Check the sales charts or MTV and you’ll notice […]

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Robin Trower – Living Out of Time

Living Out of Time

Following up his last work, 2001′s Go My Way, could hardly be easy for Robin Trower. That effort was his best album in 20 years. On his latest, Trower ditched the band from Go My Way and brought in some of his ’80s cohorts, including journeyman vocalist Davey Pattison, who has worked with Ronnie Montrose […]

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