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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Kenny Burrell


Kenny Burrell is a legend in the annals of jazz guitar history. Emerging from Detroit in the 1950′s with a background in organ trios, he has done just about everything imaginable in music. Through it all, his artistry and integrity have never been questioned. A master soloist, the perfect complement to a vocalist or soloist, […]

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Jeff Beck – Truth and Beck-ola

Truth and Beck-ola

Okay, reviewing these is a no-brainer. Any guitarist of my generation knows these well. The 1968 and ’69 releases helped establish Beck, and essentially paved the way for Led Zeppelin. Beck is a hero to a generation of players, and cuts like “I Ain’t Superstitious,” “Beck’s Bolero,” and the acoustic “Greensleeves” from Truth, and the […]

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Hank Williams – Alone with His Guitar

Alone with His Guitar

Ever since Hank Williams died on December 31, 1952, his fans have had to make do with commercial recordings, which have been almost continuously re-mixed, re-mastered, and repackaged by MGM and Mercury. But occasionally, once in a blue moon, William’s aficionados have been surprised by “newly discovered” recorded material. Most has been from radio shows […]

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Jack Westheimer

Pioneer of Global Guitarmaking

Ca. ’63 Teisco Model SD-4L. Today we pretty much take it for granted that if you want an inexpensive guitar, you’re going to buy one made in Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Indonesia, China, maybe even India. And you have to admit that, for the price, what we get is pretty darned good. In fact, these days, […]

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Ernie Hawkins – Bluesified


Ernie Hawkins hails from Pittsburgh. Not exactly a hotbed of acoustic blues, but Hawkins is one of the best. I’ve not run across any of his other work, although his bio says he’s been recording since 1980. He spent much of his youth studying with the Rev. Gary Davis, so it’s not hard to see […]

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1000 Years of the Guitar Part 2

History of the Guitar

A hand-colored postcard photo of a woman in a Spanish costume, ca. 1910. Well, we’re on the cusp of the new Millennium. Excited? Last month we began our look at the context in which guitars thrived during that fruitful period, looking at everything from 19th century American music, including banjos, mandolins and minstrelsy, to the […]

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January 2004


FEATURES PAT MARTINO The jazz legend is a national treasure and inspiration to musicians and music lovers of all stripes. His career spans four decades, and his tale of trial and tribulation is one of the most powerful success stories in music. By Wolf Marshall PETE ANDERSON His 20-year association with Dwight Yoakam was one […]

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