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Fender Songwriter

Ill-fated Mini-Fender

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard of everything Fender ever did, along comes another tidbit about a guitar that was prototyped but never produced. In 1969 and ’70 the Acoustic Guitar Division was going strong, with Babe Simoni in charge of production. (more…)

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Hellecasters – Live…Raw…In Germany On…The Filter Video


Yikes! Here’s a truly awe-inspiring display of guitar playing. Recorded live on German television, Jerry Donahue, John Jorgenson, and Will Ray take you on a roller-coaster ride that will leave you sitting on your easy chair (more…)

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December 2003


FEATURES LOS STRAITJACKETS The instrumental quartet distinguishes itself with a two-guitar attack and eyecatching live show. Onstage, they mix humor with talent – and address the audience in Spanish. Why? Because they are Los Straitjackets! By Dan Forte, DJ Johnson, and Ward Meeker CHARLIE SEXTON Prodigy, Producer, Persuer of Muses A gigging guitarist since age […]

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