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Monthly Archives: December 2003

Fender Songwriter

Ill-fated Mini-Fender

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard of everything Fender ever did, along comes another tidbit about a guitar that was prototyped but never produced. In 1969 and ’70 the Acoustic Guitar Division was going strong, with Babe Simoni in charge of production. Roger Rossmeisl was the head of the R&D department, which was […]

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Hellecasters – Live…Raw…In Germany On…The Filter Video


Yikes! Here’s a truly awe-inspiring display of guitar playing. Recorded live on German television, Jerry Donahue, John Jorgenson, and Will Ray take you on a roller-coaster ride that will leave you sitting on your easy chair with your mouth wide open. Things open with “Inspector Gadget.” They show off their great chemistry right off the […]

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December 2003


FEATURES LOS STRAITJACKETS The instrumental quartet distinguishes itself with a two-guitar attack and eyecatching live show. Onstage, they mix humor with talent – and address the audience in Spanish. Why? Because they are Los Straitjackets! By Dan Forte, DJ Johnson, and Ward Meeker CHARLIE SEXTON Prodigy, Producer, Persuer of Muses A gigging guitarist since age […]

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