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Metropolitan Guitars Westport


New from Metropolitan Guitars of Texas comes the Westport Series, a scaled-down version of their Tanglewood, reviewed last year in these pages. The Tanglewood is, if you recall, Dave Wintz’s homage to the old National Res-o-glas guitars, albeit more playable and prettier. “The response to the (more…)

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Steve Newman

Springfield Roots, Bakersfield Attitude

The dog died and the woman done me wrong! Such are the traditional pains of the country music songwriter. But as tired and trite as mainstream/top 40 country music can be nowadays, there are still times when a fan of (more…)

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Shawn Pittman – Full Circle


I enjoyed Shawn’s last record, with its killer mix of rock and roll and blues. This new release takes things a step further, and really satisfies. Shawn spent time playing with Buddy Guy a while back, and that intensity shows on his own stuff. (more…)

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The Robin Nolan Trio – Swings & Roundabouts


If you like gypsy jazz and you haven’t heard The Robin Nolan Trio, you should. Solo guitarist Nolan is joined by rhythm guitarist Jan P. Brouwer and bassist Paul Meader on Swings & Roundabouts (CD RNT3), the third CD from this (more…)

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Trussart Steel

Classic Designs, Never Before Seen

James Trussart is a luthier who recently moved his headquarters from Paris to Los Angeles. A guitar builder since 1980, in recent years, he has upped his profile and reputation by crafting custom steel-bodied copies of Teles and Les (more…)

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John Paul Jones


Before teaming up with Jimmy Page in 1968 to form the soon-to-become greatest and most influential hard rock band of all time, John Paul Jones was an arranger, composer, and session player, working with many of the most prominent artists of the (more…)

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Rickenbacker Electric 12-Strings

Double-bound for Glory

George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacher founded Electro String in 1931 to manufacture what everyone would soon call “Rickenbacker” guitars. Success with musicians came early. Rick steels were the measure of quality and performance; their tone established the standards. On the other hand, the company’s fully electric (more…)

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Life is Grand After Guns N' Roses

Bursting onto the rock scene in 1987, Guns N’ Roses overthrew the shred and pop kings who’d previously ruled the decade. The group’s contrasting blues-based style revitalized classic rock and its bluesier, more (more…)

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Seks Bomba – Somewhere In This Town


This is one of the most fun, most clever, and downright best CDs I’ve heard in a long time. I can’t even begin to describe what this Boston band does. Let’s say you took a big pan and (more…)

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Tim Sparks – Tanz


Tanz is guitarist Tim Sparks’ second album of “Jewish Blues” – a collection of Jewish songs and dances from Yiddish, Sephardic, and Oriental traditions he has translated into acoustic fingerstyle guitar. This album follows on the dancing heels of last year’s Neshamah, which VG‘s review (more…)

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