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Monthly Archives: June 2003

Gibson Post-WWII


Introduction In its first 40 years of corporate rule, Orville Gibson’s lutherie developed into a manufacturing giant, expanding to meet the needs of mandolin orchestras popular before World War I, creating banjo and ukulele lines during the 1920s, enlarging the flat-top and archtop offerings following the depths of the depression, joining the fast-growing electric instrument […]

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Preston Shannon – All In Time


I admit I’m a fool for soul music. Why? Because there is no such thing as a mediocre soul singer. They get weeded out immediately. There is lots of “half-steppin” in the blues idiom, but with the soul genre you either can do, employing the (at least) minimal prerequisite gospel inflection, or you don’t do. […]

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Tal Farlow – The Legendary Guitar of Tal Farlow Video


Tal Farlow is a legend to any Jazz fan. He was the guitar player in the Fifties before Wes became king. He’s still the favorite player of lots of Jazz guitarists. If you don’t believe that, just check out the interview with George Benson on this video. This production basically has a very relaxed Tal […]

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Gibson Les Paul Jr.

The Les Paul Jr. Tone Showdown

What’s All This Excitement About Les Paul Juniors? First it was PAF-equipped Les Pauls, then dot-neck 335s. You know, all the really expensive, elitist “vehicles of tone.” I couldn’t be bothered with something as pedestrian as the single-pickup, student-targeted Les Paul Junior. Besides, P-90s were noisy and not particularly studio-friendly. My bias went so far […]

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Breedlove C25 and Custom XII

Beauty, brains, and brawn

Breedlove Guitar Company is a small, independent gui-tar and mandolin builder in Oregon’s high desert region east of the Cascade Mountains. Started in 1990 by Steve Henderson and Larry Breedlove, the company boasts of being “…pioneers in melding the best aspects of traditional guitar making with new ideas, appropriate technology and master luthier skills to […]

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Compiled by Ben Valkoff – Eyewitness: The Illustrated Jimi Hendrix Concerts


The second volume reviewing Hendrix concerts, this one covering the tumultuous period of ’68, when Hendrix worked through a relentless schedule of touring and recording. As noted in our review of the first volume (VG, February ’98), this self-published work is a major historical documentation of Hendrix concerts as recalled through the eyes and ears […]

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Corey Christiansen – Essential Jazz Lines: The Style of Charlie Parker


Looking for a key to unlock your jazz solos or comping? Essential Jazz Lines: The Style of Charlie Parker offers fine entries to the playing of a great jazzer. Essential Jazz Lines: The Style of Charlie Parker translates Bird’s famous sax stylings into guitar lines and explores his bebop scales. Both books include lessons in […]

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June 2003


FEATURES CHIP TAYLOR From the Troggs to Texas As a songwriter, his greatest success story is “Wild Thing,” one of the most covered songs of all time. But his most recent effort is a col-lection of duos that calls up all sorts of influences. By Willie G. Mosely FINISHING THE BUSINESS Danny Gatton’s legacy gets […]

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