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Monthly Archives: April 2003

Seymour Duncan

Story of an Electric Guitar Guru

Seymour Duncan is one of the most unassuming human beings on the face of the Earth, bar none. His name is held in high regard in many circles, especially those musical, and his life is an extraordinary rock and roll tale. Though he didn’t invent the electromagnetic guitar pickup, he has done more than most […]

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Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner

Easy on, easy off, UV protection

Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner Easy on, easy off, UV protection Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner, prominent features at vintage guitar shows a few years ago, were recently reintroduced after a not-so-brief hiatus. Virtuoso’s bragging rights come from the fact it uses neither Carnauba wax or silicone, which the company claims contribute to the hazy finish that […]

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Luther Allison – Luther’s Blues


Originally released by Motown in 1973, Luther’s Blues was not a big seller. Not that it’s not a great album. It is. But maybe Motown at that time wasn’t the best place to sell a blues record. The young Luther definitely bares some resemblance to the fella who re-emerged in the ’90s and blew away […]

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Zinky True Grit Pedal

Tone charismatic enough to thrill the Duke

Yeah, we know! You’re thinking, “Wha? Another overdrive pedal?” It seems that one thing guitar players will forever be in search of is the ultimate dirty tone, and few players admit to being 100 percent satisfied with the tone they have. Whether it’s that one magical dirty tone or a variety of dirty tones needed […]

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Joe Goldmark – Strong Like Bull… But Sensitive Like Squirrel


God, you’ve got to love Joe Goldmark. A pedal steel player who is willing to tackle pretty much any style of music, and not only tackle it, but do a bang-up job on the song. If you don’t believe me, do you know a lot of steel players who cover Elvis Costello’s “Peace, Love, and […]

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Buck Dharma

Steinbergers and stilts

In the hyped-up worlds of entertainment and professional sports, most so-called “comebacks” usually aren’t. Often, veterans stay in the public eye (or attempt to) much longer than they should, subjecting themselves to detraction or ridicule. But what if a legendary guitar-based aggregation is producing modern albums that are just as listenable as the combo’s “classic” […]

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Marty Robbins – Live Classics from the Country Music Hall of Fame


Nowadays, Marty Robbins is more respected than appreciated. Much of his studio material sounds dated because of syrupy string arrangements and slick backup singers. But a new release from the Country Hall of Fame brings the real live Marty Robbins to us in a way that even us young’uns can appreciate. Culled from years of […]

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The George Benson Quartet – It’s Uptown, The George Benson Cookbook


George Benson was another of A&R legend John Hammond’s famous discoveries, alongside the likes of Count Basie, Charlie Christian, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, and Bruce Springsteen. This put Benson in a tough position when he was signed to Columbia in ’65, and he set out to prove himself with his first album for Hammond, ’66′s […]

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Custom Pearl

PH-44 Phaser

This month, our “Little Known Wonder” is the Pearl PH-44 Phaser. The Pearl Instrument Company made a series of effects in the early ’80s called Sound Spice effects pedals. Although the company only manufactured them for a brief period, it produced some of the best-sounding units one can find at a reasonable price. Not many […]

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David Clayton and Todd K. Smith – Free: Heavy Load


This epic chronicles the story of the seminal British blues/rock band Free. Leaving no stone unturned, and with the help of more than 400 photos, authors David Clayton and Todd K. Smith have painstakingly detailed the rise and fall of the band from its early pub gig days in late-’60s London through the massive chart […]

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