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Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra – Jools Holland’s Big Band Rhythm & Blues


If the term “big band,” especially tied to a pop star, conjures the dreaded image of one of those zoot-suited groups with the word “Daddy” in its name, fear not. Ex-Squeeze keyboardist Holland’s (more…)

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Epiphone Jorma Kaukonen Riviera Deluxe

Plenty of go to match the show

Epiphone’s Jorma Kaukonen signature model Riviera is a straight-up pleasure to look at. For starters, there’s the beautiful maple top and striking gold hardware appointing the cherry-finished semi-hollow body. But the joys (more…)

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Roy Buchanan – The Best of the Millennium Collection


I don’t suppose there’s a whole lot more that can be said about Mr. Buchanan. And some might argue that we really didn’t need another collection. While it’s true the Sweet Dreams: Anthology set (more…)

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John Scofield – berjam


The last few reviews of John Scofield albums have pretty much been the same. I’m amazed how a guy can change directions so effortlessly. This one continues that change of direction. Once a bopper of great chops, he now is a funkster of (more…)

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The Rolling Stones

Buffalo Civic Auditorium, June 28, 1966

The Rolling Stones were the ultimate bad boys of rock – with leather jackets and arrests for peeing on a service station in England, these guys were anti-establishment. Most kids liked the Beatles, but hip (more…)

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Brian Setzer – ’68 Comeback Special – Ignition


Okay, I confess. Somehow this one slid in under the radar. Released in late summer, it features Setzer back in a trio setting, basically just cutting loose, guitar-wise and vocally. And let’s face it, any album that has him playing this much guitar (more…)

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Fender 1957 Shoreline Gold Strat

30 Years under the Bed

Surely, as guitar collectors/dealers/enthusiasts, VG readers have heard folkloric stories of early-1960’s teenagers who, after buying cool guitars to jam with their friends in the basement or garage, were called to service by Uncle Sam. Far too many times, (more…)

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Stephen Bruton – Spirit World


A CD of personal or autobiographical songs can be tricky. The music can wind up meaning far more to its creator than it does to its audience. That’s bad. Luckily for everyone, Stephen Bruton’s Spirit World avoids this pitfall. His third release (more…)

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Gov’t Mule – The Deep End Vol. 1


Class acts: they still exist. Take Gov’t Mule. This trio has always gone about business with the utmost class, treating both fans and the music with endless respect. Now comes The Deep End Vol. 1, (more…)

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Leon Rhodes

Country-Jazz Genius, Terrific Texas Troubadour

Leon in full Texas Troubadours stage attire with his cherry red Epiphone Sheraton, circa 1965. Photo courtesy of Leon Rhodes. Leon Rhodes has worn a lot of hats during his long and successful career in the music business. (more…)

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