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Monthly Archives: January 2002

Pefftronics Super Rand-O-Matic

Big sounds from a little device

In the words of the great Monty Python, “Now, here’s something completely different…” The Pefftronics SB-101 Super Rand-O-Matic is a modulation effect unlike anything we’ve heard. It can create basic chorus, flanger, phase shifter, or delay effects, but it’s much more versatile and can produce sounds usually obtainable only when manually manipulating the control knobs […]

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Stephen Bruton – Nothing But The Truth


I love when records like this happen. I loved this when I first heard it, and subsequent listens revealed more great things. Bruton is well-known as a guitarist and ace producer from Austin. He’s had a rep for being tasteful and reliable, and this album won’t hurt that. The songs here are nothing short of […]

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Bucky Pizzarelli & Scott Hamilton – The Red Door & Bucky Pizzarelli Nirvana


The Red Door, Bucky Pizzarelli and Scott Hamilton’s tribute to sax god Zoot Sims, is an amazingly sublime album. Sims was a true sultan of swing, a classic golden-age jazzer of the ’30s and ’40s whose horn helped define the sound of an era. In celebration of Zoot’s music, tenor saxman Hamilton and swing guitarist […]

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Leigh Stephens

Blue Cheer Flashbacks

Blasting out of the San Francisco Bay area with an amped-to-the-heavens heavy blooze/hard rock style, Blue Cheer spewed forth a lo-fi garage sound that found the trio lobbing grenades on classics by the Stones and Eddie Cochran while providing its own brand of post-Nuggets meltdown. It would ultimately help usher in the heavy/acid rock underground […]

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Jellyroll – Hep Cats Holiday


Jump blues are like licorice: if you like it, you can’t get enough. Jellyroll satisfies the craving with a cool selection of 12 classic tunes, from “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby” to “Flat Foot Floogie.” But Jellyroll is not just your typical revival band. This is hot stuff. The band is […]

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Univox et al Merson/Unicord

Part 1

While most think of the history of American guitars in terms of American manufacturers, if you’ve followed this column you know the tradition is much richer. Among the major players in the American market were the many importers and distributors who enriched the guitar landscape with instruments – usually at the lower ends of the […]

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Terry Callier – Timepeace


They don’t make many albums like this anymore, and that’s unfortunate. A heady mix of soul, R&B, jazz, and everything in-between, it’s the kind of thing you’d run into often in the late ’60s and early ’70s. It’s not surprising then, that Callier was a singer/songwriter in those days. He basically took the ’80s off […]

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Andy MacKenzie – Tales From the Hot Club


Tales From the Hot Club is an apt title for this album of Gypsy jazz from British guitarist Andy MacKenzie. In these selections, he offers a history of jazz manouche old and new, its roots and its current innovations. And at the same time, this history lesson gives him wings to unleash some dazzling chops […]

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Hell Revisited

The hottest thing going in genre-bending music during the past year has been the award-winning Hellecasters, whose first album on Mike Nesmith’s Rio Records Return of the Hellecasters raised a lot of eyebrows and the entire guitar world’s pulse rates with its eclectic high octane blend of Celtic, Country, and good old rock and roll […]

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Carl Verheyen – Slingshot


I admit that although I’ve seen Carl’s name a lot, I’ve never become familiar with his playing. But after hearing this great CD, that’ll change. He’s a fabulous player whose style falls somewhere between Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the band Squeeze. Yeah I know, an enormous range there, but he really does touch […]

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