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Monthly Archives: June 2001

Johnny Winter – Deluxe Edition


When you think about it, Johnny Winter has had quite a career. And here, from Alligator Records, just to let you know it continues strong, is a set of cuts from his stint with Alligator. There’s raucous blues, blistering rock and roll, and even some nice acoustic blues with Johnny shining on dobro. There are […]

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Rick Nelson – Legacy


Rick Nelson was blessed in many ways, but some of those blessings also could be a curse. I’m talking about his great looks and his luck of having a national showcase in television on the “Ozzie and Harriet Show.” Those two things, unfortunatly, made some folks doubt his musical prowess. With this wonderful four-CD set, […]

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John And Jake Andrews

The Family that Frets Together...

The “father and son” idea of musical lineage isn’t anything new, and it shouldn’t be surprising that more than one generation of electric guitarists has attained notice in the popular music spectrum, as more and more parents who played their share of (sometimes loud) guitar-based music is now seeing one or more offspring attempting to […]

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Montrose – The Very Best of Montrose


Ronnie Montrose is known less for his guitar capabilities than for fronting a mid-’70s hard rock band that featured an unknown lead singer named Sammy Hagar. Still, Montrose released a quartet of heavy albums before heading into solo-artist obscurity. This new collection from Rhino features 18 tracks selected by Montrose, who also provides commentary in […]

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Fulltone Clyde Wah

Vintage Tone For Modern Players

The original Vox Clyde McCoy wah pedals of the late 1960s are high on the list of soughtafter vintage effects. They were widely used during live performances and on legendary recordings by players such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. Because of both the historic value and the distinct sound they […]

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The Domino Kings – Life and 20


The Domino Kings are (if such a thing still exists) honky-tonk kings. If you like your music with that Bakersfield kick, look no further. Stevie Newman breathes new life into country guitar, the kind of I haven’t heard since Pete Anderson was regularly lighting up Dwight Yoakam songs with sonic forays based in the playing […]

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PRS Basses

Subjective Funk & Cool

The Paul Reed Smith bass was introduced at the January ’96 NAMM show. Set-neck and bolt-on (CE model) models were offered, with mahogany bodies and one-piece mahogany necks. On Bass and Curly Bass models, a maple-capped body was included, and the Curly models had transparent finishes. Figured-top bass bodies typically had a 1/4″ maple cap. […]

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Guitar Picks

The Fine Art of Pick Collecting

“You’re collecting guitar picks!? Is this a joke?” I can’t recall how often I’ve been accosted with this query. At this point I pull from my pocket (and how often can one carry around part of a collection in your pocket?) a small leather change purse containing a myriad of vintage plectra. Trapezoids, mosaics, cork-grips, […]

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Guitar Picks

What's So Special About Guitar Picks

You may have one in your pocket. They only cost about 25 cents. But if you have always used one to play guitar, you are lost if you don’t have one. They are picks! Skinny little bits of celluloid, plastic, nylon, or any of a hundred other substances. There really isn’t anything special about picks […]

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Martin D-1

Not Your Typical Martin

Over the years, I’ve tried to include instruments in this column that were functional and affordable. Occasionally, we’ve lucked out and found spectacular instruments that offer more than your money’s worth. Some of my personal favorites from the past include the Mesa/Boogie Mark III amp, Kramer Pacer guitar and the Gibson L6S. This month’s entry […]

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