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Monthly Archives: May 2001

Antonio de Torres

The Birth of the Modern Guitar

To date, I have covered most of the major schools of guitar construction/design, and some of their contributions to the evolution of the gut/nylon-string guitar. In the April ’96 issue of VG (much to my resistance), I listed what I considered at that time to be the top 10 collectible classical guitars. My decision was […]

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Luther Allison

The Soul Fixin' Man

It’s Friday the 13th, but Luther Allison ain’t feeling superstitious. Halfway through a four-hour set in Minneapolis, he rolls into a rollicking version of his award-winning hit song “Cherry Red Wine,” unleashing a melodious storm from his trademark golden Les Paul. Luther is rejoicing in the blues, and his energy is mirrored in the faces […]

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Roy Clark

Planes, Guitars, and Automobiles

Legendary multi-instrumentalist Roy Clark has owned a number of the first “consumer items” listed in this article’s subtitle, and he collects the latter two. Knowing that Clark is into aviation as well as classic instruments and vehicles would tend to make a conversation with the guitarist all the more intriguing. And that was exactly the […]

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Roy Buchanan

The life and times of Roy Buchanan

Photo by Seymour W. Duncan Roy Buchanan and his battered 1953 Telecaster guitar got inside your head and grabbed you in the gut. He had eclectic musical tastes, an arsenal of techniques, a devotion to craft, and something to say. And he said it with soul. Those are mere generalizations, of course, and Buchanan commanded […]

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Larry Carlton

The Return of Mr. 335

Face it. If you’re a guitarist and listened to any music in the past 30 years, you’ve been influenced by Larry Carlton. One of the most recorded players in history, his thousands of sessions include work with Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Al Jarreau, Michael Franks, and on and on. His production credits include […]

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John Fogerty

Ol' Flannel Shirt is Back

John Fogerty’s music has always been unique. As a singer, songwriter, and guitarist that has been in the international spotlight since the late ’60s (when his band’s cover of “Susie Q” thrust them into prominence), the veteran performer is almost without peer when it comes to his abilities, and the reasons his songs have always […]

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Danny Gatton

Unfinished Business

The reality is obvious to any aspiring musi-cian, especially when another gig’s not guaranteed: compromise adds zeroes to paychecks. But anyone who saw Danny Gatton on his Washington, D.C./rural Maryland stomping grounds knew that wouldn’t happen. In a music business long buffered against surprise, the late guitarist swam stubbornly upstream, roaming nightly across the musical […]

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C.C. DeVille

Back, Buff, and Ready to Rock

One of the most anticipated rock shows of the summer of ’99 was the Poison reunion tour, which brought back together singer Bret Michaels, bassist Bobby Dall, drummer Rikki Rockett, and guitarist C.C. DeVille – the group’s four original members. The original lineup split following the release of Swallow This Live in ’91, and had […]

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Bob Bain

The Silent Giant

Photo courtesy of Bob Bain. Bob Bain and Lynn Murray work on a track in the studio in the 1960s. Murray, a freelance composer for Universal, RKO and MGM Studios, listed among his credits the score for Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief. His name may be unfamiliar to even the most shrewd audiophile and […]

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Carvin Factory Tour

Carvin Does It Different

Imagine a company that builds 600 high-quality guitars and basses per month, with a normal backorder count of 700. “Well, that’s okay…” some guitar enthusiasts might observe, “but some guitar factories are putting out that many guitars per day.” But what if those 600 instruments per month are almost all custom-made? And what if the […]

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