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VG PAF Shoot-Out 2005


Given the unwavering popularity of the humbucker pickup, the constant injection of new builders, and the popuarlity of our 1998 comparison feature, we thought we’d note the anniversary of the design of the humbucker with another “shoot-out.” We started our test with the pickups in the 1956 Gibson Les Paul Model before beginning the arduous […]

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Collings I-35

Soul in the Details

2006 Collings I-35. Occasionally, in the world of guitars, events influence the market. The introduction of a new guitar can send ripples through the industry. Not so long ago, Paul Reed Smith redefined quality workmanship and set a new standard. Bill Collings has been (more…)

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Tony Nobles Resonator

Museum-Bound Resonator

This guitar is a special project built after I was approached by the new Braunfels (Texas) Museum of Art and Music to show a guitar in an exhibit of Texas musical instrument builders. This exhibit was to coincide with a the traveling Smithsonian exhibit (more…)

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David Grissom and David Holt

Two-Guitar Story

When Austinites entertain music-loving friends from out of town the typical question is, “Who should we go see while we’re here?” And in a city loaded with good bands, the most repeated answer was always, “Storyville!” Austin’s version of a supergroup (a label the (more…)

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PAF Test Run

From VG's

Sorry the shop is a little crowded today, but I’ve invited some friends over to listen to a few PAFs. I have some Gibsons, Tom Holmes, and Lindy Fralins loaded into some really cool Les Pauls. Before we (more…)

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