DVK Launching Four Effects Pedals


DVK Technologies is shipping the first four models in series of dual-function stompboxes.

Combinations include fuzz and vibe, overdrive and vibe, and compression and clean boost. The pedals have compact enclosures with custom graphics and are based on vintage circuit designs. Models include:

Hairball: Combo 808-style overdrive and selectable full-range/treble booster.

The Mrs.: A legendary compressor circuit paired with a boost. Compressor has a Norm/Bright switch and the boost features selectable Normal/Fat.

GoldTop: "Big M"-style fuzz combined with vintage Vibe controllable from the front panel or via expression pedal. Features toggle switch for reversing the order of the effects.

SilverTop: TS-type overdrive paired with rate-controllable vintage Vibe. Includes toggle switch for reversing the order of the effects.

You can see more on them at dvktech.com.

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