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August 2003



A Quarter-Century with REO Speedwagon
We catch up with the Champaign native who, 25 years ago, jumped at the chance to play with with some hometown boys destined for stardom. By Willie G. Moseley

He’s been REO’s lead guitarist for 14 years, loves to hit the road regularly, and he’s a guitar fanatic who gets giddy when talking about his collection of Strats, Les Pauls, and other axes. By Ward Meeker

Mary Kaye
Beyond the Stratocaster Connection
She and and her trio were early pioneers on the Vegas “lounge” act scene. She was high-profile and a Fender endorser, but she never had a ’50s Strat like the one that carried her name… until now! By Willie G. Moseley

The First “Mary Kaye” Stratocaster
Not a “Mary Kaye” Strat, the “Mary Kaye” Strat! It‘s rare indeed when a guitar of such pedigree not only emerges, but does so with a complete history in tow. By Iain Ashley Hersey

Late-’60s pop culture was heavily influenced by the U.S. “space race” with the U.S.S.R. These guitars, imported by Tele-Star Trading, were modest instruments that caught the eye with their sparkle finishes and gadgety tops. By Michael Wright

National 85
One of the strangest aggregations in the history of electric stringed instruments – even today, it looks funky. So imagine the reaction when it was introduced in the ’60s! By Willie G. Moseley

BeauSoleil’s Acoustic Pioneer
From his first solos with BeauSoleil, he took the guitar into unexplored territory in Cajun music, where it had previously been confined to rhythm while the fiddle and accordion took center stage. By Dan Forte

D’Agostino Guitars, Takamine Solidbodies
Two companies that warrant a closer look, even if their histories are short. D’Agostino mostly specialized in re-branding, while Takamine paid close attention to trends. By Michael Wright


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First Fret: News and Notes
Father’s Day tribute, new albums by Casady, Skynyrd, Ray Benson, others, Entwistle auction results, In Memoriam, more!

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Executive Rock
Whatever Happened to the Other Neophytes?
By Willie G. Moseley

Q&A With George Gruhn

The Acoustic Guitar of the Future
By Steven Stone

Oscar Moore
By Wolf Marshall

Pro Tools Free
By Riley Wilson

Bitter Ol’ Guitar Curmudgeon
Reversing Pickup Phase
By Stephen White


Amplifier Circuit Layouts
By Gerald Weber

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


The VG Hit List
Music, Video, and Book Reviews: David K. Wilcox, Steely Dan, Tony Joe White, Kim Wilson, Jing Chi, Nick Moss, Crowsong, and more!

Check This Action
I Hear Dead People
By Dan Forte

Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
SIB pedals, Demeter, Epiphone Les Pauls, Wolfetone pickups

Gearin’ Up!
The latest cool new stuff!

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