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What’s With the “Summer” Issue?

We have decided it was time to change our cover dating system, which for years has caused more than its share of confusion for both subscribers and advertisers.

Years ago, as we began adding distributors supplying copies to bookstores around the country, we adjusted the month on the cover of the mag. Basically, you don’t want your August issue to get to the stores in the middle of August, so you set it up so that issue gets to the stores the month before. You may have noticed that magazines on newsstands are always dated ahead like that.

But 30 years of changes and adjusting schedules caused that lead-time on our covers to grow larger, so much so that the August issue would get to stores and subscribers’ mailboxes in the middle of June! So, we decided it was time to fix that. To do so, we “inserted” an edition marked “Summer” in between the July and August issues. Now the August issue will hit the streets in mid-July. Other than that, subscribers will be unaffected – you will still get 12 issues this year and your subscription will be for the same number of issues as before.

Much less confusing.

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