October 2002



Guitars With Guts
Antonio Emilio Pascual Viudes Aznar There’s no doubt he has the longest name of any guitarmaker. His actual surname is Viudes, and he is related to the Spanish guitar-making dynasty of that name. By R.E. Bruné

Harmony Guitars
The Early Depression Era (1931-’33) By 1930 or so, Harmony began to become more visible, asserting its own identity in the marketplace by badging its instruments with a stylized Gothic “H.” By Michael Wright

Chris Hillman
Bluegrass, Bass, and Back Again He’s an accomplished guitarist who has wielded a variety of stringed instruments in a number of notable bands, including the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and the Desert Rose Band. By Willie G. Moseley

Wandré Modele Karak
We all recognize that guitars are art, but rarely has the instrument been as consciously approached from this perspective by the maker as with the ’60s creations of Wandré Pioli. By Michael Wright

Ode to the Ox
John Entwistle, 1944-2002 He ranks as one of the most influential bassists in the history of rock and roll. Before him, the average listener didn’t pay much mind to bass notes. But he changed that situation dramatically. By Ward Meeker

The Return of the Electric Prunes
Part II By 2000, members of the Electric Prunes were set to crank up their efforts after a 30-year hiatus. But what did they do in the interim? By Willie G. Moseley

Derek Trucks
Strumming Joyful Noise Despite being just 22, he is the bottleneck boogie guitar player to be reckoned with. He has toured and recorded with his own band, with The Allman Brothers, and on numerous projects ranging from the Frogwings to Phil Lesh. By Arlene R. Weiss

Gregg Allman
Big Brother’s Dreams He is one of the most influential artists in rock history; when America’s pop music was being overshadowed, he co-founded the Allman Brothers Band. By Arlene R. Weiss

Gibson’s W.R.C.
The term “lawsuit” tends to catch the attention of guitar buffs. One litigation that’s been below the radar of many collectors is the mid-’80s Gibson W.R.C., designed for Gibson by Wayne Charvel. By Michael Wright


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Executive Rock
Too Late The Hero/Irony & The Ox
By Willie G. Moseley

Classic Concerts
The Faces, with Free
By Willie G. Moseley

Q&A With George Gruhn
Boogered Tele Blues

Gibson’s Advanced Jumbo
By Steven Stone

Buddy Guy
By Wolf Marshall

The “Big Dog” PA, Part I
By Riley Wilson


Guitar Shop
Separating the Funk from the Gunk
By Tony Nobles

Fender’s 1950s Twin Amp
By Gerald Weber

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


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