February 2003



Imperial and Galanti Guitars
Mama’s Got a Squeezebox The popularity of the accordion helped guitars to become ubiquitous when babyboomers made them their instrument of choice. Here are two examples of manufacturers Imperial and Galanti that took advantage of the shift. By Michael Wright

Huw Lloyd-Langton
Gets on the Move… Again He has lent his graceful guitar work to a childrenÕs cartoon, WidowmakerÕs saber-toothed blues/rock, Leo SayerÕs soft-rock chartbusters, and even a Caribbean steel band. And he recently came full circle with BritainÕs original psychedelic cowboys, Hawkwind. By Ralph Heibutzki

Randy Bachman
Even More Business (To Take Care Of) Of the legendary rock guitarists who have admirable guitar collections, itÕs hard to imagine anyone whoÕs been busier gathering instruments while making (or distributing) music. By Willie G. Moseley

Buddy Merrill
A Career Retrospective Noted primarily for his work with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, heÕs also an accomplished arranger and composer, gifted instrumentalist, and is considered one of the foremost steel guitarists of the last 50 years. By John Blair

Jeff Hanna
36 and Counting, Part 2 Our conversation picks up with HannaÕs recollections of a shortened name for his band, the followups to the Circle record, and the instruments in his collection (among other things). By Willie G. Moseley

Burns Flyte
James O. Burns was EnglandÕs most famous guitarmaker. His Flyte model offers testament to his influence and legacy, which are reflected in guitars being produced today. By Michael Wright

Epiphone Deluxe
It was introduced in 1931, sported a triple-bound top with purfling, diamond-and-triangle markers on the neck, a headstock inlaid with flowers, gold-plated parts, maple back and sides, and a carved spruce top. Ultimately, it was squeezed from the lineup to avoid competing with Gibson archtops. By Eric C. Shoaf


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The Psychology of Guitar Collecting
By Mark M. Young

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ÒIntergenerationalÓ Guitar… or Not?
By Willie G. Moseley

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Humble Pie, July, 1971
By Glen Anderson

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How Blond is Tele Blond

Arlington 2002
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Mark Knopfler
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Demon Wang Redux
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The SLM Auto Pan
By Gary Nelson


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Touch-ups, Tweaks, and Two-Prong Cords
By Tony Nobles

Getting Tones You Don’t Have
By Gerald Weber

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By Gerald Weber


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