Seymour Duncan Intros Studio Bass Compressor


Seymour Duncan Studio Bass compressorThe Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor is a studio-grade/soft-knee compressor for bassists. It has a Low/Full/Mid switch that can restore dynamic range lost in compression and allows player to choose frequency or dial in full-range. It also fattens compressed signal or helps effected sound remain consistent with bypassed tone. Its Blend knob controls the amount of wet signal,

Volume controls output and can be used as a clean boost, Attack regulates how quickly the compressor reacts, and the Compression knob allows easy control of dynamic range. The Automatic Gain Compensation feature compensates for input gain loss; the pedal can automatically increase compression ratio as the signal approaches threshold, allowing it to function more like a limiter. The pedal is wired true-bypass and assembled in California. Visit

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