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Allman Brothers Band – Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival Jul


I’ve had the argument many times that the original version of the Allman Brothers Band was the best blues-rock band in the history of rock. Many insist it’s Led Zeppelin. (more…)

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Epihone Deluxe Archtop

Head-On With the L-5

Webster’s latest defines the word “deluxe” as “…notably luxurious, elegant, or expensive.” The Epiphone Deluxe archtop guitar was certainly luxurious. When introduced in 1931, it sported a triple-bound top with rope-pattern purfling, fancy diamond-and-triangle position markers on the neck, a bound “Masterbilt” headstock inlaid with flowers, gold-plated parts, curly maple back and sides, and (more…)

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December 2005


FEATURES THE DIFFERENT STRUMMER Sparkle & Glitter: Guitars Made in Italy, Part 1 Most American guitar aficionados are familiar with EKO guitars, while other Italian brands flew below our radar in the ’60s. Thus, the real tradition of their guitars remains misty for most of us. Here begins a tribute. By Michael Wright BASS SPACE […]

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Demeter Fat Conrol, Compulator, and Reverb


Every once in a while, someone who has “genius” written all over him hits the music scene. In James Demeter’s case, it’s a moniker he earned through years of behind-the-scenes gear design, from his groundbreaking DI boxes to the Tremulator and a host of (more…)

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Crate V Series Amps

Durable, versatile, and affordable

St. Louis Music has been building Crate amplifiers since the late 1970s, and straight out of the chute, they gained a reputation for being well-designed, good-sounding, affordable, and oh-so-cute in their little crate-like cabinets. Through the years, the Crate lines has (more…)

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Andy Powell

The Wishbone Forges on

Andy with one of his Music Man Silhouette guitars. Photo: Willie G. Moseley. Wishbone Ash guitarist Andy Powell isn’t caught in a time warp. True, he’s the sole remaining member of the English foursome that proffered a twin-lead guitar sound that took (more…)

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Larry Coryell – Tricycles


Anyone remember when Larry Coryell was one of the youngbloods of jazz guitar? Sheesh, I must be getting a bit “advanced” in age, eh? Through the years, there’s never been a doubt in my mind that Larry’s chops were as strong as anyone’s. (more…)

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Tom Principato – House on Fire


Tom Principato is probably familiar to many VG readers. A fine player in his own right, he’s also responsible for some fine books that teach about guitar, and he’s also been known lately for his release of material from his old (more…)

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