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Johnny Hiland

Nashville Schoolin'

In the wee hours of a July morning in 1996, Johnny Hiland made a crucial decision. He deleted the 52-page term paper he’d been working on, left college and his home state of Maine, and made the pilgrimage to Nashville. He was just (more…)

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Siegmund Micro Tube Overdrive

The Nuance of OD

Chris Siegmund is an up-and-coming guitar/amp wizard from Vienna, Austria. A unique type of craftsman, Siegmund is a musician born to a family of architects and furniture makers. He began working with fine woods, and applying the elaborate carving (more…)

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Chris Duarte – Love Is Greater Than Me

Love Is Greater Than Me

Chris Duarte is a great guitarist. Of the current crop of players aspiring to the permanently vacated Texas chair, Chris’ stuff rises closest to the top. In concert, his chops are endless and eloquent, crafted far beyond the (more…)

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The Country Gentlemen – The Complete Vanguard Recordings

The Complete Vanguard Recordings

If you listen to vintage Bill Monroe recordings, then to current bluegrass from the likes of Allison Krauss, it’s hard to see how we got from there to here. But once you listen to the Country Gentlemen you can (more…)

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August 2005


FEATURES TONY IOMMI The Godfather of Metal Gets Fused Hailed as one of the most influential rock guitarists of all time, he conjured up dark and heavy riffs that inspired players for generations. On his new solo outing, he explores a broader, more melodic side. By Lisa Sharken IN DETAIL The Rickenbacker 325 Introduced in […]

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