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Monthly Archives: July 2005

Fender Reissue

Fender's First Reissues - The CBS era concludes in style

By the late 1970s, cumulative changes in the details of the various classic guitar models on the market – Fender’s Stratocaster and Telecaster, and Gibson’s Les Paul – were so numerous that the instruments barely resembled their original versions. Serious electric guitar players and collectors clamored for reissues of the original instruments. But both manufacturers, […]

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Hard-rockin’ blues


By integrating traditional blues with heavier, more flamboyant rock styles, Eric Sardinas has carved a raw, fiery sound, favoring electric and acoustic resonator guitars to deliver the appropriate vibe. Growing up, Sardinas was exposed to everything from early Delta blues to Chicago blues to R&B, soul, and rock artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Chuck Berry, […]

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The Byrds – Sweetheart of the Rodeo – Deluxe Edition

Sweetheart of the Rodeo - Deluxe Edition

With the exception of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper or Dylan’s’ Another Side of Bob Dylan, few albums were as influential to future trends in popular music as the Byrds Sweetheart of the Rodeo. This album single-handedly made country music hip by melding rock and roll and country into something even longhair hippie dope fiends could […]

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KR Musical Purple Pedals

Jimi Would Love 'Em!

Efects builder Kevin Randall has done his homework on what makes vintage pedals sound the way they do. But most guys who build pedals do that… right? And we all know that quite often, that “knowledge” doesn’t translate into true vintage tones. Randall’s KR Musical Products pedals include three fuzz units (Fuzz Child, The Gypsy […]

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Charlie Musselwhite – Sanctuary


With his debut album in 1966, harmonica vanguard Charlie Musselwhite met and set the standard for authenticity and adventurism in blues. But in the past few years,each succeeding CDhas pushed the genre’s envelope and his own artistry to greater heights. With Sanctuary he is truly at the top of his game. With 1997′s Rough News […]

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Alvin Youngblood Hart – Down in the Alley

Down in the Alley

I wasn’t prepared for how good this disc is. Hart’s mostly known for his work in country blues. Here, he does a program of good, old-fashioned country blues. And this Mississippi-Delta songfest is an amazing one-man effort! Hart sings while he plays guitar, mandolin, and banjo. And it’s one of the most soul-searing albums you’ll […]

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Stromberg Master 400


The Stromberg Master 400, measuring a gigantic 19″, is considered by many to be the ultimate orchestral rhythm guitar. The instrument of choice for Freddy Green with the Count Basie Orchestra and other players who needed the ultimate in power and projection to cut through a brass band or full orchestra without the benefit of […]

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Joe Perry

Rockin' On Bobo

Although Honkin’ On Bobo has been labeled by some as a blues record, Aerosmith views its new release as being a true rock record – and perhaps the most rockin’ record they’ve made in years! Bobo marks a return to the high-energy blues-influenced rock sound that launched the group’s career over 30 years ago. Featuring […]

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Son House – Revisited


There were blues guitarists before him – such as Charley Patton – and perhaps better blues guitarists that followed him, but there were few as soulful, deep, and downright bonechilling as Eddie “Son” House. A failed preacher tormented by the devil’s blues, House was the inspiration behind Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and countless others. “I’m […]

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Eric Bibb, Rory Block, Maria Muldaur – Sisters and Brothers

Sisters and Brothers

I like this one for a couple of reasons. The first is it’s a perfect example of some vets getting together and just making good music. No ego involved, just three people who want to put good songs on tape, and make them sound good. Bibb’s been around since the late ’60s, performing as a […]

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