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Monthly Archives: November 2004

Seymour Duncan

Story of an electric guitar guru

Seymour Duncan is one of the most unassuming human beings on the face of the Earth, bar none. His name is held in high regard in many circles, especially those musical, and his life is an extraordinary rock and roll tale. Though he didn’t invent the electromagnetic guitar pickup, he has done more than most […]

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Pete Huttlinger

Fingerpicking to fruition

It’s a dream that eludes an untold number of musicians who try to “make it” in Nashville. There’s no telling how many players journey to the Tennessee capital in search of stardom, or at the very least, a reliable employment situation where their musical abilities can generate a steady income. Fingerpicking phenom Pete Huttlinger has […]

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Jerry Jones Master Electric Sitar

High-quality build, authentic groove

If you’ve always wanted to learn the sitar, but could never quite scrape up the cash to fly to India and study with the Maharishi for several years, then you’ll be happy to know that with the skills you already have and a Jerry Jones Master Electric Sitar, you can chase such famous riffs as […]

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Russell Malone – Heartstrings


It’s the age-old question, does the use of strings somehow cheapen the music? Wes Montgomery is still to this day vilified for using strings. Wrongly, I might add. George Benson takes grief. Even Charlie Parker did an album with strings and heard the naysayers because of it. Well, here, the brilliant guitarist Russell Malone uses […]

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Jody Williams – Return of a Legend

Return of a Legend

Rarely has an album been more aptly named. Williams was one of the key Chicago sessionmen in the ’50s and ’60s, the musically sophisticated guitarist who added the licks and solos to Chess, VeeJay, and other recordings by everyone from Howlin’ Wolf to Jimmy Witherspoon, Bo Diddley to Floyd Dixon. Out of the business since […]

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November 2004


FEATURES FENDER’S 50th ANNIVERSARY STRAT Height of the Reissue Fender’s most important reissue denotes the model that is the epitome of a pop music legend, and a huge part of Fender’s history and lore. By Ward Meeker BASS SPACE 1965 Gibson Thunderbird Looking to finally make a real dent in Fender’s solidbody bass market, in […]

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