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Geddy Lee

Rush RX for my Favorite Headache

Geddy Lee is a man who needs very little introduction. With just over three decades as the unmistakable lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist in Rush, Lee has forged a potent legacy in progressive rock. (more…)

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Mark Knopfler

Looking Ahead

Few guitarists have such a distinctive playing style that they are recognized after just a few measures, regardless of what guitar or amplifier they’re using Most guitar/guitar music aficionados would agree that Mark Knopfler is a long-time member of such a distinguished club, not only (more…)

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Carl Martin Contour & Boost

Pedals For All Occasions!

The Carl Martin Contour & Boost is a hybrid EQ pedal with two filters, a high pass, and a low pass crossed over at 440 hz. The company says it is specifically designed to change the sound of your (more…)

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Frantone Peachfuzz

One Furry Lead Tone

The Frantone Peachfuzz bears a strong physical and functional resemblance to the Frantone “The Sweet” pedal we tested in the December ’01 issue. Like the Sweet, the Peachfuzz is housed in a 41/2″ x 31/2″ x 11/2″ cast-aluminum case, with high-quality (more…)

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Epiphone C-10

A nylon-string good for beginners, experts alike
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DOD 690 Chorus

Something a Bit Different

Borne amidst a windfall of chorus units, it offers Something a bit different In the mid to late ’70s, chorusing for guitarists was a relatively new effect on the market and nearly all pedal manufacturers were introducing chorus units. One (more…)

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Gibson L-5

Loyd Loar's Timeless Masterpiece

Timeless elegance. A jazz icon. The inspirational archtop guitar. These are just a few of the descriptions that fit Gibson’s L-5. Add to those a historical antecedent: the L-5 in various forms has been in constant (more…)

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Tech 21 Trademark 60

Incredible sound at a nice price

In the past six years we’ve focused mostly on used gear, but occasionally included new stuff that works so well it’s impossible to ignore. This month’s entree, the Trademark 60, fits the bill. This (more…)

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Hamer Blitz

The Hamer Blitz

One of the unspoken assumptions in the vintage guitar market is American instruments are superior to those made outside the U.S. Regular “Gigmeister” readers know I don’t necessarily subscribe to that theory. In fact, many of the best-made instruments have (more…)

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Brian Moore i2p

A modern guitar for the vintage fan

Brian Moore Guitars’ i2000 line of guitars offer some fantastic features and options, on instruments that have a unique feel and vibe while retaining certain vintage… uh… shall we say “properties?” The mix of old (more…)

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