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Effects Pedals

...For All Occasions!

Effects pedals, stompboxes… call them what you will. But pretty much since the dawn of the electric guitar’s time, they’ve been there, adding to the guitarist’s pallette of tonal spice, and always ranging from mild to wild. We recently (more…)

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Vinnie Moore

Between Then and Now

Vinnie Moore emerged in the 1980s as one of the decade’s premier rock guitarists, earning recognition for his extraordinary technique and melodic style. Following the release of his debut album, Mind’s Eye, Moore was instantly ensconsed among the elite shredders. (more…)

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The George Benson Quartet – It’s Uptown and The George Benson Cookbook

It's Uptown and The George Benson Cookbook

George Benson was another of A&R legend John Hammond’s famous discoveries, alongside the likes of Count Basie, Charlie Christian, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, and Bruce Springsteen. This put Benson in a tough position (more…)

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Robben Ford – Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Robben Ford reached legendary status, at least in some circles, when he first hit the blues scene – with Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmy Witherspoon, and his family group (the Charles Ford Band) – some 30 years ago. At 50, he boasts one of the (more…)

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Fabulous Thunderbirds – Live


Greasy vocals and harp, on-the-money blues guitar, great tunes, and an audience just waiting to be entertained. That’s what this CD is. Put it in the player and try not to move around. I dare you. I’ve heard people question Kim Wilson and the (more…)

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Jimmy Johnson – Pepper’s Hangout

Pepper's Hangout

Let’s word it this way: few if any blues artists can pump life into a overwrought classic like Tommy Tucker’s 1964 hit “High Heeled Sneakers.” Jimmy Johnson can, and does. Granted, this set is from the mid ’70s, but his stamp of (more…)

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Ricky Skaggs with Kentucky Thunder – History of the Future

History of the Future

From the opening accapella vocal lines of “Shady Grove,” Ricky Skaggs’ History of the Future roars out of your speakers with full-throttle devil-be-damned, fire-breathing bluegrass. Clay Hess’ first guitar solo is so jaw-droppingly fast, clean, and musical that all (more…)

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Andy Timmons – That Was Then, This Is Now

That Was Then, This Is Now

Andy’s been around awhile, even though his isn’t exactly a household name. He was the guitarist in the pop/metal band Danger Danger a few years back, and he’s done sessions with numerous musicians. He’s (more…)

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Martin F-9 Archtop


While the Martin Guitar Company is today best known for its flat-top steel-string guitars, from 1931 through 1942 the company produced a significant number of archtop guitars designed to appeal to players of the orchestral style of music popular at the time. Some (more…)

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El Dorado Vintage, Plain and “Gator” Straps

Secure, sturdy, and stylish

We’ve checked out (and recommended) El Dorado straps before, but that was many years (and new readers) ago, so the time has come again, especially since the company recently released two new lines. Those who were around in ’98 might remember (more…)

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