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D’Angelico NYSS-3 and NYSD-9

Accoutrements, quality worthy of the name D'Angeli

When one thinks of D’Angelicos, elegant jazz archtops from the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s spring to mind. As it should be. John D’Angelico was the preeminent archtop builder of his time, and he served (more…)

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Electro-Harmonix Tube Zipper

Exotic Tones For Eclectic Players

Hailed by its creators as the greaest product introduced by Electro-Harmonix in over 20 years, the new Tube Zipper was developed jointly by E-H’s legendary stompbox guru, Mike Matthews, and the mad scientists at E-H, in collaboration with (more…)

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Johnny Winter – Pieces and Bits


The long-awaited authorized video from blues/rock guitar icon Johnny Winter has finally arrived. Compiled in part by Winter’s manager, Teddy Slatus, who asked fans to send video clips, the set includes TV clips and kicks off with never-before-seen still photos by (more…)

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Ed Mundell – my choice for Guitar God 2001. Although Mundell, lead guitarist for Monster Magnet (his day gig) and the Atomic Bitchwax (his side gig), might lack name recognition, he certainly doesn’t lack in the chops department. And TAB’s sophomore CD, II, a (more…)

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Gilby Clark

Rockin' with Swag

Gilby Clarke gained celebrity as a member of Guns N’ Roses. Best known for his blues-flavored riffs, Clarke has since successfully carved his own solo career with several albums – Pawnshop Guitars (1995), Hangover (1997), Rubber (1998), ’99 Live (2000) and (more…)

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Stephen Bruton – Spirit World


A CD of personal or autobiographical songs can be tricky. The music can wind up meaning far more to its creator than it does to its audience. That’s bad. Luckily for everyone, Stephen Bruton’s Spirit World avoids this pitfall. His third release (more…)

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Slingerland Songster

Cool enough for Sol Hoppi!

If you ask anyone what the company Slingerland has done for the history of music the answer most often given is, “Drums.” Indeed, the company has been quite successful through the years as a manufacturer of drum (more…)

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Kombo – Cookin’ Out


Kombo is Ron Pedley on keyboards, and Jon Pondel on guitars. They’ve got lots of great help too, with guys like Steve Ferrone, Matt Bissonette, and Sharon Hendrix. The music is the same kind you might hear on smooth jazz radio, but (more…)

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Norman Blake

Look For what You're Looking For

The first time many guitarists hear Norman Blake they think to themselves, “I could do that.” But if they actually sit down to try, they soon discover that what sounds simple is actually devilishly (more…)

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Basily – Swing for the Gipsies


The Dutch Gypsy group Basily has been prolific in releasing recordings and playing concert dates on the Dutch scene, but remains virtually unknown in the rest of the world. This new album will hopefully change that. Basily is a sextet (more…)

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