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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Tommy Castro

'Guilty' of Paying His dues

Tommy Castro is a charismatic singing gunslinger who has developed a sound featuring stinging blues leads floating atop hard-charging, old-school R&B. And he is one of a handful of artists whose live performances are sonic clones of his recorded music. Castro’s style, charm, and professionalism on and off the stage are second to none, and […]

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The Joanna Connor Band


After listening to this album several times, I’m still left with a feeling of not being able to pinpoint where this accomplished slide guitarist is coming from. Her past efforts have vacillated from hardcore Chicago-style blues to heavily distorted blues rock. With this release, she touches on so many styles the listener is confronted with […]

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Ray Wylie Hubbard – Eternal and Lowdown


Like most folks, I knew Ray Wylie as the guy who wrote and sang the theme from Austin City Limits, and the guy who wrote “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother.” From now on, I also know him as a carrier of the country/rock/blues torch. This is, plain and simple, a great album. Hubbard writes […]

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Jeff Golub – Do It Again


I can hear the naysayers already. They’ll call this album a boring, derivative, smooth jazz standerbearer. That’s fine. Listen closely, though, and you’ll hear a soulful guitarist doing heartfelt covers of some of his favorite tunes. Golub’s been around awhile. In the late ’70s and ’80s, he did the rock scene with Rod Stewart and […]

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Danelectro Guitars

The Return of Danelectro

0ne of the more recent buzzes in the guitar community has centered around the phenomenal success of products bearing the Danelectro brand name. The introduction of effects pedals at the January ’97 NAMM show was the start of an impressive resurgence in interest in the brand name and its quality, utilitarian products. Just as Danelectro […]

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Joe Dan Petty

"Techin' It Twice"

It’s been “full circle more than once” for bassist/”guitar tech” Joe Dan Petty, of Macon, Georgia. I put “guitar tech” in quotes because during his first stint as a member of the road crew for the Allman Brothers Band (he’s on the back cover of the Fillmore East album), his job description was the less […]

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Various Artists – Philadelphia Folk Festival – 40th Anniversary


As you might suspect, after 40 years, the Philadelphia Folk Festival has some fine performances in its archives. For those not fortunate enough to attend over the years, this is a musically rich four-CD box set. These discs span the period from 1962 to ’00, but instead of putting the music in chronological order, the […]

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Rick Holmstrom – Hydraulic Groove


I really like it when artists take left turns. You know, shake things up a little bit. Well, Rick Holmstrom takes a sharp left here. You might know him as a groove-oriented, traditional blues player. Well, his playing doesn’t change here, but the background does. It’s raw. I know, a lot of good blues is, […]

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The Band – The Last Waltz DVD and CD Boxed Set


If there were ever a group of musicians for whom the term “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” fit like a glove, it was The Band. Perhaps even more so than The Beatles, this quintet of multi-vocalist/multi-instrumentalists shifted roles in such chameleon-like and, more important, egoless fashion as to be utterly […]

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Baldwin Guitars and Amplifiers

Quest For Guitar Fortunes

Back in the Swinging ’60s, one of the coolest things hip companies could do was own a guitar company. After all, guitar-driven pop music was red hot, especially after the success of the Beatles in ’64. The baby boom showed no signs of letting up and “Boomers” were hitting high adolescence – prime guitar playing […]

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