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Vintage guitar magazine February 2015 Brian Setzer's 6120 Brian May's Red special

We take an up-close look and dig deep into the stories behind Brian May’s Red Special and Brian Setzer’s ’59 Gretsch 6120. Though their colors are complementary, two guitars couldn’t be more different in origin or their roles in helping to create legendary sounds.  We interview Steve Morse, Dale Watson, Brian Tarquin, and Malcolm Brickhouse. We pay homage to Jack Bruce and Stan Jay. Wolf Marshall breaks down key licks from Sal Salvador. George Gruhn tells of an oddball Gibson EH-150 with 10 strings, Dave Hunter digs into the history behind the Delta Labs Concept 1 amplifier, take a look at 14 signature-model guitars, let Peter Kohman unleash his knowledge of the Harmony H-75, and Michael Wright reminds us that not all classical guitars in the ’60s – even if they had Spanish-sounding names – were made in Spain! Does your guitar have a busted-up truss rod? Will Kelly walks you through a fix. Speaking of “fixin’,” Dan Erlewine continues to inch a DIY semi-hollow kit guitar to playability! Our music-review staff offers its thoughts on new music/video by George Harrison, Eric Johnson and Mike Stern, Nili Brosh, Yes, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Frisell, and others, while the gear reviewers grab the latest goodies Fender, PRS, Roland, Alday, Immix, and Tech21

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Vintage Guitar magazine Features
The Federico Garcia Model 453
By the 1960s, flamenco-dance studio Casa Sherry-Brener was branching out to music instruction – and instrument distribution, using Spanish-style names on guitars, like this one, made in Japan. By Michael Wright

The Delta Labs Concept 1
Developed in 1974, it was arguably the most advanced and fully-featured guitar amp of its day – 300 tube-powered watts, tape echo, tremolo, distortion, analog tone modeling, and a list of high-profile players waiting to get one. So, why didn’t it become a household name? By Dave Hunter

10 Strings, Lap-Style
An Odd Gibson EH-150
Gibson began offering electric lap-steel guitars in the mid ’30s – mostly six-string models. It also fielded orders for versions with greater harmonic potential (via more strings). This 10-string has an interesting history beyond the fact it was one of only 11 made. By George Gruhn

14 Stellar Signature Guitars
Instrument builders have long been aware of the power of endorsements. Even before Gibson’s Les Paul, axes attached to big-name players were vital parts of many companies’ offerings, in part because they give player-fans a way to connect to their heroes. Here are some of the latest models to continue the tradition.

Chordal Colorations
Iconic Axes of Different Hues
Though their colors are complementary, Brian May’s Red Special and Brian Setzer’s ’59 Gretsch 6120 couldn’t be more different in terms of their origin or their roles in helping to create legendary sounds. Here are their stories. By Michael Dregni

Vintage guitar magazine First Fret
Reader Mail

News and Notes
Johnny A. in Boston Music HoF; Hendrix-Themed Bus Shelter; In Memoriam

Jack Bruce 1943-2014
The Wizard of Strings

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Dale Watson
Keep On Truckin’

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Brian Tarquin
No Idle Hands

Steve Morse
A Guitar Hero Shows His Colors

Malcolm Brickhouse
Free As You Wanna Be

Tulsa Time
Bishop, Cale, and Fulson Enter Oklahoma Music HoF

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Vintage Guitar magazine column
The (Way) Back Beat
The H-75: Unnamed But Well-Loved
By Peter S. Kohman

Sal Salvador
By Wolf Marshall

Dan’s Guitar Rx
Easier Said Than Done, Part 2: Better Safe Than Sorry
By Dan Erlewine

What is a Great-Sounding Guitar?
By Steven Stone

Shop of Hard Knocks
The Straight and Narrow: Fixing an Inoperable Truss Rod
By Will Kelly

Vintage Guitar magazine reiews
The VG Hit List
George Harrison, Eric Johnson and Mike Stern, Nili Brosh, Yes, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bill Frisell, more!

Check This Action
Country-Rock’s Other Sweethearts
By Dan Forte

Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
Fender Classic Player Strat HH, PRS Alex Lifeson Signature, Roland Blues Cube Artist, Alday B-Blender, Immix Eleven V-Series 30, Tech21 Fly Rig V

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