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MAY 2017 VOL. 31 NO. 07

In the ’50s, Gretsch was desperate to make waves with its solidbody guitars – and none was fancier than the 6130 Round-Up. Read all about it, as well as interviews with Robert Randolph, Rik Emmett, Ike Willis, Wolf Hoffmann, and others. We also take a look at the D’Aquisto made famous by Mel Bay, then study the ’70s Univox UHS-1 Lucy, and Park 45 amp. All this, along with our “VG Approved Gear” reviews, “Hit List” music reviews, new gear from NAMM show, and much more!

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› “You Got ’Splainin’ To Do”
The Univox UHS-1 Lucy
When Keith Richards strolled onstage in ’69 strapped to a piece of plexiglas with six strings, music fans took notice. So did Univox, maybe because a see-through guitar is like a pretty woman in a sheer dress; there’s something about it that attracts attention. | By Michael Wright

› Masked Marshall
The Park 45
Amongst Marshall aficionados, Park denotes its own desirability – a feeling that it’s a secret Marshall, with the same heart and soul and fury along with the added caché of being in disguise. | By Dave Hunter

Take a look at the D’Aquisto made famous by Mel Bay on page 44.

› Teacher’s Aid
The “Mel Bay” D’Aquisto
The renowned pedagogue and founder of Mel Bay Publications preferred the archtop guitars made by John D’Angelico. This one, particularly famous for its appearance in Bay’s books, was built in the ’70s by the man who learned from the master. | By George Gruhn and Staff

› Ike Willis
You Are What You Is
Frank Zappa’s “utility infielder” talks about his time in the late legend’s heyday beginning with Joe’s Garage, his guitar and big voice lending crucial support in the right places at the right times. Today, he works to sustain Zappa’s legacy. | By Oscar Jordan

› Rik Emmett
Triumphant Return
After a decade helping Triumph achieve stardom with a blend of prog and hard rock, in the late ’80s he transitioned to solo performer. His latest album, RES 9, re-emphasizes a band approach and includes guest spots by heavy-hitter guitarists. | By Greg Prato

› Head ’Em Out!
The Gretsch 6130 Round-Up
Gretsch begrudgingly entered the nascent market for electric guitars in 1953. Given the times, it couldn’t be faulted for delving into gimmickry with this guitar. | By Ward Meeker


Reader Mail

News and Notes
She Rocks Honors Lita Ford, Others; VG Contest Winners; In Memoriam

Find Robert Randolph in First Fret on page 18.

Robert Randolph
Soul Power

Ask Zac

John Wetton

Ryan Carraher
Night Music

Gustavo Assis-Brasil
Chromatic Dialogues

Wolf Hoffmann
Still Restless

Steve Jones
Pistol Player

Musical Occupation
Winter NAMM ’17


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The (Way) Back Beat
Fretted Addities: Changing Times in Musical Advertising | By Peter S. Kohman

Mickey Baker | By Wolf Marshall

Q&A With George Gruhn

Dan’s Guitar Rx
Gettin’ It Straight: Replacing a Rick Truss Rod, Part 2 | By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks
New Look: A Pickguard, Better in Black | By Will Kelly

Read Will Kelly’s “A New Look” on page 78.


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The VG Hit List
Jeff Beck, Robert Randolph, CGT, John Abercrombie, Uli Jon Roth, Morphine, Mike Zito, Brian Setzer, Rush, and more!

Check This Action
Reflections | By Dan Forte

VG Approved Gear
Dantzig Tulsa Korina, DryBell Vibe Machine, EarthQuaker Space Spiral Modulated Delay, Taylor 712e, Rupert Neve 5017/sE Voodoo VR1, Senn by Eastwood Model One, Fender ’57 Custom Pro-Amp, Fishman Aura Spectrum DI and ToneDEQ, Roland JC-22 Jazz Chorus, Supro Hampton

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