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March 2017 VOL. 31 NO. 05

Read about one lucky player’s super-rare ’59 Les Paul Standard! Plus, we interview Jon Butcher, Phil Campbell, and others, Wolf Marshall unveils the magic behind Steve Vai’s playing, and we go deep into the saga of Micro-Frets. All this along with our renowned instrument profiles including a beautiful one-off 1940 Gibson Super 400, the Watkins Dominator amp, “Approved Gear” reviews, “Hit List” music reviews, and much more!

All this and more…

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› Not a Paul, Not a Strat…
The Electra Omega X230
The mid ’70s saw an explosion of guitars like this, on which designers gave players more control of their tones via the instrument itself rather than forcing them to rely on pedals or racks full of black boxes. | By Michael Wright

› Crying V
The Watkins Dominator
Delightfully twee, this was the flagship of a pioneering amp maker who, like Leo Fender, was amongst the first to address the needs of a new breed of guitarist. | By Dave Hunter

› Sharp-Shooter Special
The William Peale, Jr. Gibson Super 400
Ordered by a genuine Texas cowboy and inductee to the National Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame, it needed an extra something. So, Gibson customized it with the owner’s name in mother-of-pearl inlay on the fingerboard and a few other decorative details. | By George Gruhn and Staff

› Mike Anthony
Jazz Big-Leaguer
A protegé of the great Howard Roberts, he spent decades as a first-call session player. Lauded by peers for his talent and work ethic, today he plays to honor other jazz-guitar greats and teaches the form to college students. | By Jim Carlton

› Genius in MD
The Micro-Frets Saga
Ralph Jones should be listed alongside Leo Fender and Ted McCarty in the pantheon of pioneering guitar builders; when he started making guitars in a small shop in Maryland, Jones was doing something very different for 1965. | By Ward Meeker

› Paul in the Family
Chris Arena’s ’59 LP Standard
While parents typically cringe when a child declares their intent to be a professional musician, Steven Arena not only encouraged his eldest son to make a living by playing music, he unabashedly offered a bribe in the form of a six-stringed family heirloom. | By Ward Meeker


Reader Mail

News and Notes
Cropper Guitars to the Smithsonian; Gill and the Songbirds Museum; Clapton Sells Guitars; PhD “Guitar Heroes” Survey

Greg Lake

Ask Zac

Johnny Nicholas
Musical Polyglot

Andy Timmons
Back to the Bread ’N Butter

Jon Butcher
Beyond the Axis

Dana Sutcliffe
Here’s the Scoop

Phil Campbell
Motöring Ahead

Jimi Bell
Lord of Shred


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The (Way) Back Beat
Depression, Deco, and the L-Something | By Peter S. Kohman

Steve Vai | By Wolf Marshall

Guitars With Guts
1926 Domingo Esteso | By R.E. Bruné

Q&A With George Gruhn

Dan’s Guitar Rx
An “Easy” Repair? | By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks
Blending Tones | By Will Kelly


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Rolling Stones, Don Rich, Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, John Lee Hooker, Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan, more!

Check This Action
Jazz: Swinging and Swooning | By Dan Forte

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