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Vintage Guitar magazine September 2014

We speak with James Burton, who was just 13 when his parents took a chance and bought him a new Telecaster. This year, he turns 75 and that Tele helped him become a legend. We also interview Eric Johnson, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Alex Mazzi, Jack Petruzelli, Jerry Rigger, Tom Guerra, and Dewa Budjana.

We also touch on the 60th anniversary of the Stratocaster, including a primer on collecting the venerable offset-double-cut, and George Gruhn and Sarah Rose Jones relay the stories of two important early Strats. Michael Wright profiles the Belton Res-O-Lute mandolin, Dave Hunter tells why the Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+ is such a unique animal, and Michael Dregni explains why the Dallas Rangemaster is perhaps the most collectible effects box on earth. Jim Elyea explains the process of selecting instruments seen in the new film, Jersey Boys. And, we take a close, critical run on new gear by Dr. Z, Breedlove, Charis Acoustic, Daredevil, Ernie Ball, Fargen, Oddfellow, and Roland

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Vintage Guitar magazine Features
The Beltone Res-o-lute Mandolin
Vintage mandolins are are typically bowl-back or pear-shaped with designs inspired by Gibson. But, every once in a while you get one that pushes the envelope, like this faux-resonator model. By Michael Wright

The Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+
Early Mesa/Boogie Mark Series amps caused a sensation, with the line having stretched to the feature-laden Mark V. But, many fans of these powerful little beasts feel its evolution peaked here, at the end of the Mark II range. By Dave Hunter

Perfect Curves
Fender’s Stratocaster Turns 60
Mankind’s default image of the electric guitar, it has always been a stalwart, at hand for superstars, bedroom pickers, garage-band grinders – players of all ages, skill levels, and stylistic inclinations. George Gruhn and Sarah Rose Jones profile two historically significant Strats, and we offer a primer on collecting the offset-double-cut legend.

The Dallas Rangemaster
With his Bluesbreaker dimed and this box in line with his Gibson SG, Eric Clapton created his “woman tone.” Though its impact was felt most in England, it became one of the most sought-after vintage effects. By Michael Dregni

Hooray For Hollywood!
The Guitars and Amps of Jersey Boys
Traditionally, Hollywood hasn’t paid close attention to certain details in regard to guitars and amps in movie portrayals – a fact lowlighted in 1978’s The Buddy Holly Story. More recently, though, it’s trying harder, as proven by a new film about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. By Jim Elyea

James Burton
Guy and Lola Burton took a chance when, in 1953, they bought a new Telecaster for their 13-year-old son. This year, he turns 75 and that Tele helped him become a legend – and it’s still his favorite guitar. By Ward Meeker

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Reader Mail

News and Notes
Experience Hendrix Fall Dates; ZZ Top News; Timmons Update; In Memoriam

Eric Johnson

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Tom Guerra
Rock and Roll Swagger

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Dewa Budjana
Fusion/Progressive/World Music from Indonesia

Alvin Youngblood Hart
Electric Gutbucket

Alex Masi
Danger Zone

Jerry Riggs
Heavy Metal Forever

Jack Petruzzelli
Fab Sideman For Osborne, Wainwright, Smith

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The (Way) Back Beat
The Big Twang, Part 2
By Peter S. Kohman

Al Di Meola
By Wolf Marshall

Q&A With George Gruhn

Guitars With Guts
1927 Francisco Simplicio No. 146
By R.E. Bruné

Dan’s Guitar Rx
Tight Squeeze
By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks
Left is Right
By Will Kelly

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Check This Action
Harvey Mandel: A True Original
By Dan Forte

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