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November 2016 Vol. 31 No. 01

We speak with Ron Wood about how his New Barbarians saved the Stones, plus we offer a complete look at acoustic guitars and accessories.

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› The Ibanez RG420 Roadstar II
Though the discussion could focus on several models, strong argument could be made that the story of the ’80s “Superstrat” begins right here. | By Michael Wright

› The Guild F-512
Iconic ’70s 12-String
Today, players typically equate the 12-string acoustic with Taylor and Martin. For its part, though, Guild’s F-512 remains one of the most revered, and this particular one veers off-spec with its one-piece mahogany neck, stacked heel, and other unique features. | By George Gruhn and Staff

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› The Dickerson Melody King
Few who love vintage amps can resist its art-deco appeal, let alone its luscious hand-wiring and edgy, touch-sensitive 6V6 tone. A tweed Champ doesn’t stand a chance in a cage fight. | By Dave Hunter

› Eugene Grew
Long-Lost Motown Session Master
To the surprise of many Motown fans, a man emerged in 2011 claiming to have played guitar on “Money” and several other early songs produced by the legendary Detroit label. | By Brian F. Wright

› New Acoustic All-Around
VG’s Guide to Everything from Axes to Amps, Accessories to Pickups

› Ear-To-Ear Violence
How Ron Wood’s New Barbarians Saved the Stones
Today, the Rolling Stones continue to perform live, more than 50 years since their first gig. But few realize how an unsung side project formed and funded by Ron Wood played a pivotal role when the band was on the verge of collapse. Here’s a look at the story. | By Michael Dregni

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Ana Popovic
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Reader Mail

News and Notes
Woodstock Luthiers Showcase

John Hart
Mainline Florida

Ask Zac

Rick Nielsen
Storied Career

Trey Gunn
Touch-Guitar Tip of the Hat

Wayne Kramer
Renaissance Man

Albert Castiglia
Righteous and Raucous

Ana Popovic
Blues, Jazz, and Soul

Eric Krasno
Front Man

Anders Osborne
Making Tracks

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See The (Way) Back Beat and Fret Prints


The (Way) Back Beat
England Chimes, 1964: Stratocaster-Inspired 12-Strings from the U.K. | By Peter S. Kohman

Buck Dharma | By Wolf Marshall

Q&A With George Gruhn

Dan’s Guitar Rx
The 68-Year Checkup, Part Two | By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks
Maintenance, Man: Basic Skills for Every Player | By Will Kelly

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