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April 2017 VOL. 31 NO. 06

Beck to Bonamassa, Clapton to Santana – we announce this year’s winner in our “Readers Choice” poll and Hall of Fame entries. Plus, we interview Mick Ralphs and Dennis Dunaway, then sort through the latest gear and new music while offering the usual assortment of stellar features.

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› Time Keeps On Slippin’
The Ibanez Black Eagle
Sure, it oozes coolness. But ornate instruments are sometimes about more than aesthetics, and this one represents a turning point in the history of Japanese guitars. | By Michael Wright

› Power of Three
Fender’s 1960 Bandmaster
The tweed 3×10 was a quirky, short-lived transitional model, which today makes it a rare, exotic beast. Its front-mounted control panel draws one in, but its best secrets hide elsewhere. | By Dave Hunter

› Size Matters
Martin Bodies in the 19th Century
Nobody knows for certain exactly when C.F. Martin began formally using the two-part system indicating size and level of ornamentation on his instruments, but here’s a look at an 1887 0-28 that lends more than one clue. | By George Gruhn and Staff

› Twice as Heavy
Greg Lake’s Zemaitis Doubleneck
The renowned British builder made guitar’s for a laundry list of rock stars. This one stands out not only for its configuration, but the story it holds. | By Willie G. Moseley

› The VG Readers’ Choice Awards
Each year, VG asks readers to decide who should enter the magazine’s Hall of Fame and receive recognition in several categories. As usual, this year’s list of winners includes true stand-outs.

Read The VG Readers’ Choice Awards.

› Dennis Dunaway
Earwigs, Alice, and Beyond
His version of the All-American rock-star story begins with a high-school buddy named Vince Furnier. Their shared interest in music and art guided their ascent to stardom. Plus, a look at his key instruments. | By Ward Meeker

› Mick Ralphs
Good Company
A member of two renowned rock bands that, by rights, should be in the Hall of Fame, his is the story of a guitar hero who has rubbed elbows with his own heroes, and how his life deeply was impacted by English bands purveying American music. | By Elliot Stephen Cohen


Find Eddie Perez – Versitility and Joy in First Fret. Photo by Hillary Shenin.

Reader Mail

News and Notes
Glam at Gordy’s; Hart Photo Exhibit; VG Prize Winners; In Memoriam

Marc Ford
The Vulture

Ask Zac

Dave Hope
Memorable Musical Sojourn

Eddie Perez
Versatility and Joy

Joe Bouchard
Blue Oyster Cult and Beyond

Louie Shelton
Gold Coast Gigmeister

Larry Coryell
Back to the Barefoot Basics


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The (Way) Back Beat
Advancing the Deco Dream – 1935 | By Peter S. Kohman

Acoustic Jams, Charity Guitars | By Steven Stone

Big Bill Broonzy | By Wolf Marshall

Dan’s Guitar Rx
Gettin’ It Straight | By Dan Erlewine

Shop of Hard Knocks
Carbon Copy | By Will Kelly

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Green In Blue | By Dan Forte

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