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IN THIS ISSUE… We interview jazz legend Al Di Meola, gather thoughts from players on the passing of Scotty Moore, survey “The 30 Most Valuable Guitars,” and take a look at modern single-coil pickups. 

All this and more…

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Vintage Guitar magazine Features

The Keykord
At first a contract instrument made by Stromberg-Voisinet, their story is a fascinating ride racing from Cleveland to Indianapolis to Chicago… and back. | By Michael Wright

Tricked-Out Trio
Tom Petersson’s Gretsch 12-String Basses
Cheap Trick fans are aware of his contribution to the band’s songs, but few know he actually invented the 12-string electric bass and has been using one since 1977 to create the bright-but-dense sound that fills so much sonic space in its music. | By Willie G. Moseley

Silver Lining
Gibson and Master Models
Recognized today as visionary, when introduced in 1922, Gibson’s Master Model L-5 and F-5 were expensive to produce and lacked a market. For a time, they placed a considerable burden on the company. | By George Gruhn and Staff

Fender’s 5E7 Bandmaster
There’s something about the 3×10 Bandmaster that drives vintage-Fender nuts gaga. Introduced in 1953, it underwent substantial design changes in its first few years, earning status as a true classic every step along the way. | By Dave Hunter

Strings for a King
Remembering Scotty Moore
Credited with creating the trio format and incorporating country and Atkins-style hybrid picking into the burgeoning rock-and-roll style, he was thrust into the spotlight thanks to a young singer named Elvis. Plus, players react to Moore’s passing, and a look at his famed Gibson ES-295. | By Ward Meeker

Read "The 30 Most Valuable Guitars"
Read “The 30 Most Valuable Guitars”

The 30 Most Valuable Guitars
To mark VG’s 30th anniversary, we dig into the 30 most-valuable production guitars.

Al Di Meola
Elegant Warrior
An evolved, technical player and soulful composer, his work has been staggering – from spellbinding compositions employing diverse jazz, rock, flamenco, and other influences to highly dynamic live shows. | By Oscar Jordan

Say You Want a Revolution
The VG Guide to Single-Coil Pickups
When George Beauchamp began tinkering with combinations of wire wrapped about magnets in an effort to make guitars louder, there’s no way he could have fathomed what would ultimately become of the device he created for the task.

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Vintage guitar magazine First Fret
Reader Mail

News and Notes
Emmanuel Stages Gretsch Chet Prototype; Team Josie Raffle Winners; In Memoriam

Glenn Hughes
Golden-Voiced Bassist

Ask Zac

Jeff Plankenhorn
New Innovations For Lap Steel

Eric Ambel
Proficient Professional

Vivian Campbell
Back In Line

Ty Tabor
On a Roll

Mark Bosch
New York State of Mind

Guitar Glory
Summer NAMM ’16

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Win a Reverend Flatroc!
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Allen Amplification Hot Blond 1×15 Combo
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