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IN THIS ISSUE… We feature Paul Gilbert, who discusses his latest album, Joy of Destruction, and his collection of Ibanez Fireman guitars. We also remember Prince and his impact on music, with help from notable guitarists. This, our renowned instrument profiles, “Approved Gear” reviews, and much more!

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Vintage Guitar magazine Features

The Robin Machete
Conceived as a piece of sculpture, its inspiration came from two vintage classics, yet it marked a high point in the evolution of ’80s guitar design. By Michael Wright

The Fender 6G13-A Vibrasonic
Amid the classics in Fender’s “golden-era” amp line, some remained in production only a short time because of timing, misjudgment of the market, or both. Such is the case with this brownface model. By Dave Hunter

Built to Survive
Gibson and Montgomery Ward in the Great Depression
In our nation’s darkest economic times, one of its most-revered guitar manufacturers was treading headlong toward extinction before an unlikely hero started placing big orders. By George Gruhn and Staff

Rhapsody in Purple
A musical revolutionary, his emergence was jarring, even for the most youthful and open-minded. Supremely talented on several instruments, guitar was an early and obvious love. Plus, guitarists recall the impact Prince had on them. By Oscar Jordan

The Art of Home Recording
Part Four: Recording Acoustic Guitars
Recording an acoustic guitar is very different from recording an electric, employing different microphones, placement, and technique. Here are a few essential steps. By Dave Hunter

Mics and Preamps for your Home Rig
This is the “golden age” of home recording, with unparalleled options including a selection of microphones and preamps in all price ranges.

Paul Gilbert
The Joy of Destruction
His 17th solo album reunites him with producer Kevin Shirley and a band setting in the studio. Though bearing marks of “maturation,” it surrenders none of the punch or fire of his earlier work. Plus, we tour his collection of Ibanez Fireman guitars. By Oscar Jordan

Dad’s Day 2016: VG’s Annual Ode to Fathers Who Inspire

Have Sound, Will Travel
Portable PA Systems

Vintage guitar magazine First Fret
Reader Mail

News and Notes
Blues Foundation Honors; Gallery Growin’; In Memoriam

Phil Collen
A Rock Cat Plays the Blues

Ask Zac

George Cummings
Remembering Mississippi and Dr. Hook

Brian Tatler
Still Evil

Zakk Wylde
Electric Heart, Acoustic Soul

Paul Nelson
Sideman Steps Out

Lance Lopez
Supersonic Blues Machine

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A, Deluxe, and The Bell: Washburn’s Top-Line Guitars in the 1920s
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Lonnie Mack
By Wolf Marshall

Best-Case Scenario
By Steven Stone

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Baked-In Goodness
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Heavy Bendin’
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