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Siegmund Micro Tube Overdrive

The Nuance of OD

Chris Siegmund is an up-and-coming guitar/amp wizard from Vienna, Austria. A unique type of craftsman, Siegmund is a musician born to a family of architects and furniture makers. He began working with fine woods, and applying the elaborate carving (more…)

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Joe Satriani

Finding Love in Space

As one of the best-known instrumental rock artists to break through to the mainstream, Joe Satriani achieved guitar hero status in the mid 1980s, after the release of his self-titled EP in ’84 and his acclaimed Not Of This Earth (more…)

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Hard-rockin’ blues


By integrating traditional blues with heavier, more flamboyant rock styles, Eric Sardinas has carved a raw, fiery sound, favoring electric and acoustic resonator guitars to deliver the appropriate vibe. Growing up, Sardinas was exposed to everything from early Delta blues to Chicago blues to R&B, (more…)

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Joe Perry

Rockin' On Bobo

Although Honkin’ On Bobo has been labeled by some as a blues record, Aerosmith views its new release as being a true rock record – and perhaps the most rockin’ record they’ve made in years! Bobo marks a return to the (more…)

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Eric Clapton

A Return To The Crossroads

In many ways, 2004 marks a return to the crossroads for Eric Clapton. With his latest disc, Me And Mr. Johnson, the guitarist pays homage to one of his principal influences – the incomparable Robert Johnson. (more…)

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Bruce Kulick

Transorming to Solo artist

Bruce Kulick gained his reputation as a top-notch axeman working with a variety of major artists such as Kiss, Meatloaf, Michael Bolton, Billy Squier, as well as his own band, Union. Most recently, Kulick signed on as a member (more…)

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Geddy Lee

Rush RX for my Favorite Headache

Geddy Lee is a man who needs very little introduction. With just over three decades as the unmistakable lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist in Rush, Lee has forged a potent legacy in progressive rock. (more…)

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Vinnie Moore

Between Then and Now

Vinnie Moore emerged in the 1980s as one of the decade’s premier rock guitarists, earning recognition for his extraordinary technique and melodic style. Following the release of his debut album, Mind’s Eye, Moore was instantly ensconsed among the elite shredders. (more…)

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Poison Ivy

Psychobilly Queen

Formed by guitarist Poison Ivy Rorschach and frontman Lux Interior, the Cramps emerged in the spring of 1976, offering up a unique and infectious sound that blended the early roots rock and rockabilly styles of the ’50s with the raucous punk sounds of the (more…)

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Lenny Kravitz

Digs in Deep

Since his debut in 1989 with Let Love Rule, Lenny Kravitz has established an authentic retro sound by employing the classic tones of fine vintage instruments from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, like Les Pauls, Flying Vs, and Strats played through older (more…)

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