REO, Styx, Nugent Slate Tour



REO Speedwagon, Styx, and Ted Nugent will join forces this spring and summer for The Midwest Rock ’n Roll Express tour, set to begin May 1.

“Forget all those TV shows with glee clubs singing rock songs,” said Styx guitarist/singer James “J.Y.” Young.  “It’s time for mega-platinum Illinois bands Styx and REO Speedwagon to battle to the end of the Mayan calendar with the Motor City Madman!”
“In the Midwest, we work hard, play hard, and rock hard,” added REO singer/guitarist Kevin Cronin.  “I am proud to join my brothers in Styx and Ted Nugent to celebrate Midwest rock-and-roll and represent the greatest rock fans in the world.”
REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon

“It’s gonna be a twang fest of screaming guitars and big, sing-along choruses that continue to be the soundtrack for the misbehavior of our collective fan base,” added Styx guitarist/vocalist Tommy Shaw. “ In other words, a real good time.”

Ted Nugent

Nugent couldn’t agree more. “The heart and soul of American R&B and rock and roll has always gushed forth from the heartland,” he said. “REO, Styx, and The Nuge have always celebrated the power of our special music and on [this tour], the energy, attitude, and spirit is more intense than ever.”  Learn more at styxworld.com, reospeedwagon.com, and  tednugent.com.

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