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Monthly Archives: April 2004

Gibson ES-300

King for a Day

Top-of-the-line. The king. Top banana. The mostest. Top dog. The big daddy. All these descriptions apply to the ES-300, Gibson’s first deluxe electric guitar. For a few short years in the 1940s, the ES-300 stood as the fanciest electric archtop in Gibson’s stellar lineup. Now it is all but forgotten, a minor player in a […]

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Armadillo Blues Preamp/Roadkill Fuzz

The boost you need, with no noise

The TAL Audio Armadillo Blues Preamp/Roadkill Fuzz is a dual-purpose pedal the company describes as “A low-noise instrument preamp with a footswitchable harmonic overdrive designed for the professional musician.” Professional players and producers have indeed caught wind of the Roadkill’s usefulness as a front-end signal booster, especially for guitars with low-output pickups, and for recording […]

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Paul Gabriel – Fate


I’m not familiar with Paul, but juding by his playing and singing, I’d guess he’s been around awhile, gigging away and making audiences smile heartily. The music here is a really nice mix of good old-fashioned classic rock and roll, blues, and nice soulful ballads. The opener, “Without You,” is a perfect example. Killer slide, […]

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Richie Sambora

Crushing the New Millennium

Few bands experience the success of Bon Jovi, a group that achieved tremendous commercial audience by combining hard rock elements with strong melodies, great hooks, and well-written pop lyrics. Though they reached the pinnacle of the ’80s pop/metal scene, they have since flourished by bucking trends and staying true to their roots. After making music […]

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Jeff Healey

Musical Renaissance Man

  Since his breakthrough debut in 1988 with the release of his platinum-selling See The Light, Jeff Healey has garnered acclaim as one of Canada’s most renowned six-string exports. Known for his firey blues/rock style, unique technique, and blazing showmanship, the Grammy-nominated virtuoso is a musician’s musician whose style crosses all boundaries. He’s adept at […]

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Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis – Great Guitars Live

Great Guitars Live

Call it a gimmick if you will, but the Great Guitars super trio of Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel, and Herb Ellis made some great music. The concept came by accident. Byrd’s own trio was booked on a joint tour with Kessel’s group. “We would play, then they would play a set, then we would jam […]

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Craig Chaquico – Shadow and Light

Shadow and Light

Most guitarists know Craig’s story. He was the young hotshot guitarist with the Jefferson Starship in the ’70s and ’80s. After that, he started making atmospheric acoustic records for Higher Octave. On his latest, he changes the formula a bit, but it will still appeal to the folks who like his previous Higher Octave work. […]

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J.J. Cale – Live


J.J. Cale is one of rock’s greatest guitarists, and would probably be recognized as such if his six-string abilities weren’t so overshadowed by his songwriting. “After Midnight,” “Cocaine,” “Call Me The Breeze” and “Crazy Mama” are just a few of his compositions that have proved classics in his catalog, hits when covered by others, and […]

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Rossmeisl Guitars

Father and Son Operation

The story of Roger Rossmeisl’s career in the guitar industry had its roots with his father, Wenzel. Wenzel was born around 1900, Roger in 1927 in northern Germany, near the city of Kiel, about 50 miles from Denmark. Wenzel was a professional jazz guitarist and a jazz guitarmaker. In the early 1930s, Wenzel made a […]

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Magnatone Amps

More Magnatone!

Introduction Part I What started out as a one-time pictorial on mother of toilet seat (MOTS) covered amplifiers has turned into a running Dickerson/Magnatone history, covering both the amps and the Hawaiian guitars. Last month, the alligator-attired Professional amp was allowed space, due to its close association with the MOTS Hawaiian guitars. This month, the […]

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