Orange Announces Additions, Reissues OR50H

Orange OR50 amp

Orange OR50

The Orange OR50H reissue is a single-channel 15-watt amp with a three-stage gain section, HF Drive control, and a footswitchable Master Volume. The new Orange Micro Terror has a 12AZX7 preamp tube with 20 watts RMS of solidstate output, with auxiliary input for a MP3 player or CD, and can be plugged into to any cabinet with 4-ohm or greater handing. The PPC108 cab matches the Micro Terror and has an 8″ speaker, and basketweave tolex grillecloth.

Orange Professional Cables use electrolytic tough pitch (E.T.P.) oxygen-free copper thread, heat shrink over connections, and gold-plated Neutrilk connectors. For more, go to OrangeAmps.com.

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