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Elite musicians always bring effort, focus, and musical pliability. For Rusty Anderson, they’ve led to nearly two decades backing one of his musical heroes. We also interview L.A. metal-guitar vet Greg Leon, who played the Strip alongside now-legendary fellow shredders. Plus, we tell all about the Jacobacci Major Ohio, a pre-production Fender Deluxe, the evolution of Martin’s 000-42, and rockabilly goddess Lorrie Collins’ Martin D-28. Other interviews include Guthrie Trapp, Wanda Jackson, Gus G, Johnny A., Ian Moore, Steve Kimock, and Matteo Mancuso. We pay our respects to studio legend Bob Bain, and introduce a new monthly feature – “Pop ’N Hiss,” which takes a fresh look at the albums that made us want to pick up the guitar. The series opens with Frampton Comes Alive!. Let our “Hit List” reviews help you choose the best new music, and VG Approved Gear guide your next big purchase. You’ll want to dig way into the October issue, available now!

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