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Before the Yardbirds or Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page was a young session ace with a prized Les Paul Black Beauty. After it was stolen, he spent 45 years longing for its return. In 2015, his wish came true. Here’s the story. We also interview Elliot Easton, whose innovative playing with The Cars helped set his place in rock history. Today, he makes music with an all-star rock band and tends to a stellar collection of vintage instruments.

We dig into the fascinating stories of the Harmony Rocket III and WEM Dominator 25 amp, share glorious eye-candy portraits of a Gretsch 6130 Round-Up and vintage Fender Concert.

If your to-do list includes recording yourself playing, see our “Home Recording Jump Start” feature, and a look at the latest gear to help you sound great.

Sharing the stories behind their new music are Rory Block, Alex de Grassi, Steve Morse, Masa Kohama, Paul Benjaman, Garry Roberts, Michael Abdow, and Lamb of God’s Willie Adler and John Campbell.

If you’re want informed opinions on new gear, our staff looks at the Banker ’58 Spec Korina V, Pedal Pawn Fuzz and Texan Twang, the RealtoneFx Fat Larry Overdrive Mk1, Walrus Audio’s Ages Five-State Overdrive, the Danelectro 3699 Fuzz, Reverend’s Warhawk 390, Yamaha’s CSF-TA TransAcoustic, and the Strandberg Boden Classic 6.

Looking for an infusion of new music in our crazy world? Our “Hit List” crew reports on the latest from Walter Trout, Allman Betts Band, Joe Louis Walker, Trevor Rabin, Michael Landau, Steve Hackett, the Mavericks, Jose Ramirez, and many others!

It’s all in the November issue of Vintage Guitar!

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