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One of the world’s foremost rock stars, Geddy Lee is staggeringly deep into collecting vintage basses and the stories behind them. We talked with him about them and his new book on the instruments. We remember the late musician/entertainer extraordinaire Roy Clark.

We also speak to Uriah Heep co-founder Mick Box, who’s helping the band keep on rollin’ through its fifth decade, as well as Bob Mould, Craig Goldy, Marty Friedman, Khalif “Wailin’” Walter, and Jake E. Lee. Wolf Marshall takes his first turn at our new “Pop ’N Hiss” feature to take a closer look at the Beatles’ Rubber Soul.

This month’s deep-dive instrument profiles key on the original Fender Concert Amp, Gibson’s L-series acoustics from the 1930s, and the Ibanez RS 100 Roadster. Our “Hit List” reviewers reveal new music worth discovering including the latest from Mark Knopfler, Tom Petty, the Eagles, Wayne Kramer, Jeff Tweedy, Red Dragon Cartel, and Metallica, while our VG Approved Gear will help you make good choice. You’ll love the March issue, available now!

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