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After a four-year hiatus, Angus Young and AC/DC just released their 18th album, Power Up! Angus, Cliff Williams, and Stevie Young tell the story of its making. 

We break down why the 1966-’71 Fender Stratocaster is a CBS survivor, 
Dave Hunter unearths an astounding ’63 Fender Twin Reverb prototype, and Peter Kohman details the crazy tale of the Guild Starfire Bass Special.

Discussing the inner workings of their latest albums are Nick Perri, Dave Mason, Ronnie Earl, Riley Couzzourt and Logan Tolbert of The Georgia Thunderbolts, Zephaniah OHora, Andrea Balestra, and Kirk Fletcher!
Our “Classics” photo feature keys on two super-rare pieces – a ’58 Gibson Explorer and the only known lefty pre-war Martin D-28.
Speaking of new music, don’t miss our “Hit List” reviews of the latest from Tom Petty, John Petrucci, Steve HackettJordan TiceWilco, Motörhead, Stray Cats, and many others.
Needing to change up your tone? Don’t miss our “Pickup Spotlight.”
Did Santa come up short? Don’t fret, like good ol’ Rudolph, our “Approved Gear” reviews are here to help light the path to your next new piece of essential gear. Read our thoughts on the Boss OC-5, GuitarSlinger’s RB1011 Silver Edition MkII, the Hallmark Buckaroo, Guild’s Starfire I Jet 90, the PRS SE P20E, Strandberg’s Talen Classic, Dr Z’s Joe Walsh Signature Z-Master,  and the Yamaha RevStar RSP20C.
It’s all in the January issue of Vintage Guitar!
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