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We take a deep dive with one of Freddie King’s Gibson ES-345 guitars, which today continues to hit the stage with one of Freddie’s disciples. Then, we interview Mick Jones to discuss how he guided Foreigner to the height of fame and rock immortality. We also speak with industry veterans Jeff Hasselberger and Bill Kaman on their new musical effort, which employs a bevy of gorgeous vintage instruments and amps. Players from across the spectrum lend their thoughts on the passing of Tom Petty. George Gruhn takes to task the legend of Lloyd Loar, Dave Hunter tells the story of a goosebump-inducing ’68 Fender Vibrolux Reverb, and Michael Wright explains how the Ibanez Artist 2616CS forces a reconsideration of jazz-guitar history. Dan Forte concludes his look at Evan Johns, Wolf Marshall details the history and licks of George Lynch, and we talk events and new music with Steve Cropper, Dario Lorina, David Catching, John McLaughlin, Charlie Ballantine, and Walter Trout

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