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A key element in the career of legendary jazzer Barney Kessel, this Gibson ES-350 has enjoyed a storied life. In homage to his friend and mentor, modern jazz-guitar master Bruce Forman is bringing the guitar back to life with new music by longtime friends in a trio.

Conceived and built by a rebellious tinkerer, the Mel-O-Bar was an odd duck with a beloved sound. Here’s its story. Gibson was the first major high-end builder to market a solid-state amp – the Starfire TR 1000 RVT. Guitarists mostly eschewed it, but that didn’t stop others from jumping into the pool.

Time once again to choose peak performances from the last year; it’s The VG Readers’ Choice Awards. We also need your help inducting more greats to the VG Hall of Fame.

Styx co-founder Chuck Panozzo learned to play on a 1960 ES-125TC. After being out of his life for decades, it recently returned thanks to two devout fans who had become friends. It’s a great story for “Classics.”

We round up Warren Haynes, Greg Martin, Dave Specter, Eric Krasno, Graham Dechter, and Eric Gales to talk about their latest work.

By 1989, King’s X had established itself with Jerry Gaskill’s backbeat, Dug Pinnick’s blunt-force bass, and Ty Tabor’s inspired guitar work. Arguably their greatest work, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska is spotlighted in “Pop ’N Hiss.” Wolf Marshall’s “Fretprints” details the emergence of Paul Simon, and Dan Forte’s “Check This Action” asks Where’s Eric.”

Every guitarist loves to hear great new music, and our “Hit List” staff is ready with recommendations; making the grade this month is the latest from Sue Foley, Norman Blake, Joe Bonamassa, Gov’t Mule, Kiss, Deep Purple, Elvis, and more!

Our “Approved Gear” reviews are honest and objective; learn about the latest from CopperSound, Ibanez, HeadRush, Keeley, Collings, Guild, Orangewood, Valvetrain, Breedlove, and Godin.

It’s all in the February issue of Vintage Guitar!

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