Cool gear


From left; 2000 Guild D-30 (wedding gift from my wife, Shawn!), Squier J-bass with Lace Sensors, Squier Strat with Texas Specials (my first guitar, bought new in ’88), Squier Strat with vintage black pickguard and Antiquities,’80s Kramer Focus 2000 with Evans humbuckers, Tim Lawson custom Tele with one-piece mahogany body and Antiquities, Squier Strat with Texas Specials.
In front is a ’97 Ovation Collectors series with the rare wide neck and serial number under 100. At right is a ’70s Alvarez classical with bone nut and saddle. On top of the amps is a 2000 Martin Backpacker singed by C.F. Martin IV when we toured the Martin factory on our honeymoon in ’01!
Amps are two ’65 Silvertone 1482s, a ’67 Fender Bandmaster, an ’84 Marshall 1965B 4×10 cab, and a ’69 Fender Champ. All Strats are mint and within 1000 serial numbers of each other all made in ’86 or ’87.
Kenny in Louisiana

Mixed Guitars
Chad Fette’s vintage collection
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