Tim Mahoney

Live From the Sky

Tim Mahoney
Tim Mahoney
Tim Mahoney’s latest work combines elements of heavy-metal power pop with ethereal folk ballads, and his mix of guitar raunch and lyricism makes for an addictive musical cocktail.

Musically, Mahoney is something of a chameleon. Songs like “Greatest Life” are riff-driven roots-rock anthems with soaring guitar leads. “Lay Down Low” is a jam-bandish groove tune that alludes to white soul bands like the Rascals and country-rock pioneers America. A big clue about Mahoney’s musical heart comes from his live version of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” Two minutes in, he owns the song. Stein Malvey’s guitar tone is crunchy, yet clear, and perfectly fits the texture of the tune. Kudos to Chad Whittaker’s pile-driver bass, which works in lockstep with Tait Cameron’s thunderous kick-drum.

Though conceived as a bon-bon for hardcore fans, Live From The Sky makes an ideal first album for anyone who wants to explore Tim Mahoney’s musical universe.

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