Steve Wariner Posts Instructional Vids

Guitarist Steve Wariner has launched a series of short instructional video clips on his website, showing how he plays songs from his new CD, <em>Guitar Laboratory</em>, demonstrating licks and showing guitarists how to capture its sounds.

"I had a great time making this record and experimenting with different guitars, tones, amps and styles," said Wariner. "I thought it would be fun to share some of what I did with other musicians out there."

Released on February 8, <em>Guitar Laboratory</em> has earned stellar reviews, including this from the Dallas Morning News: "Steve Wariner is the warmest of guitarists. No matter what six-string he’s playing or what musical genre he’s attempting, the Indiana-born picker coaxes his fingers into producing a clear, soothing and warm guitar tone."

Wariner is featured in the April issue of <em>Vintage Guitar</em>. For more, go to

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