2024 June Issue on Spotify

2024 June Issue on Spotify

This month we feature Marty Friedman, Twisted Sister, Blackberry Smoke, Blue Öyster Cult, Rick Vito, Judas Priest, Kay-Ta Matsuno W.C. Clark, HSAS, Mark Knopfler, and more!

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Don’t miss Vintage Guitar magazine’s monthly playlist on the music-streaming service Spotify. Each month, Karl Markgraf curates a playlist featuring artists and songs mentioned in the pages of VG, arranged in order to play along as you read the issue, or just enjoy on its own! Karl holds a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Guitar from the University of Northern Colorado and works as a performing and recording artist, producer, and educator in New York.


Also On Spotify

Also on Spotify is VG’s “Have Guitar Will Travel” podcast, hosted by James Patrick Regan. The twice-monthly episodes feature guitar players, builders, dealers, and more, all sharing their personal stories, tales from the road, studio, or shop, and their love of great guitars and amps. CLICK HERE to listen.

Have Guitar Will Travel, hosted by James Patrick Regan, otherwise known as Jimmy from the Deadlies, is presented by Vintage Guitar magazine, the destination for guitar enthusiasts. Podcast episodes feature guitar players, builders, dealers, and more – all with great experiences to share! Find all podcasts at www.vintageguitar.com/category/podcasts.
Each episode is available on iheartradioTune In, Apple Podcast, and Spotify!

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