Peter Karp and Sue Foley

He Said, She Said
Blind Pig Records
Peter Karp and Sue Foley

Two respected artists turn simple correspondence into an album. And when you listen to the songs, it’s easy to hear the rapport.

While at times the songs here are dominated by one artist or the other, several cuts feel a bit like hits by Johnny Cash and June Carter. “Treat Me Right” serves that purpose. A boogie with fine slide guitar from Karp and playful interplay on guitar, it reflects the many styles of music that help the duo convey their ideas.

There are all kinds of blues, from boogie to the acoustic New Orleans feel of “Mm Hmm” to the country blues of “Hold On Baby.” Several of the cuts dominated by Foley take a jazzy turn with tasteful chord playing behind her reflective vocals and lyrics. There are even a couple of songs, like “Wait” and “Baby Don’t Go,” that have a definite pop tilt.

Guitars are the primary instrument throughout this disc, and each player shows their skills, though Foley lays back a little more than on her solo work. Karp lays down lots of tough slide, electric backing, and acoustic rhythm, and it’s usually easy to tell who’s playing what; neither is short on soul or chops. This partnership works.

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