Reverend Billy Corgan

Smashing Sounds
Reverend Billy Corgan

Reverend’s new twist on its Billy Corgan Signature guitar updates several features but remains a stylish retro-meets-modern solidbody.

Price: $1,499

The most notable tweak is alder wood replacing korina for the chambered body, resulting in more Leo snap. With a Billy Corgan Z-One bridge and neck pickups, Reverend promises quiet humbucker operation with P-90 tonal flavors thanks to their Railhammer design (poles under the plain strings, rails under the wound). Other features include a 22-fret maple neck with 25.5″ scale (12″ radius), hardtail bridge, pin-lock tuners, Boneite nut, and controls for Volume, Tone (with Reverend’s treble-bleed circuit), and Bass Contour. A brushed-metal pickguard and pickup covers etched with stars and swirls bolster the already good looks.

The new Corgan’s body has a smaller feel than you might expect, the compactness thanks to sturdy construction that includes a six-screw plate at the neck joint. Like many Reverend axes, the star of the show is the roasted neck that’s fast, flat, and sports well-dressed frets.

Plugged in, the Corgan is a serious performer, coupling its comfortable contoured body and quick neck with those bright, clear pickups. Unlike some humbuckers, which trend to muddiness, the Railhammers combine with the alder body and maple neck to give a high-fidelity experience. You might think these are active electronics, but it’s simply a superior setup with a wide tone sweep. That Bass Contour knob will keep you curious for hours.

The new Billy Corgan is a formidable contender in its price class. You get a top-quality build with great playability and lively tone, not to mention swank looks. Reverend has done a smashing-good job with this axe.

This article originally appeared in VG’s May 2022 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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