Paul Gilbert Set to Release Instrumental CD

Paul Gilbert unleashes his third instrumental masterpiece on Shrapnel Records, August 3. <em>Fuzz Universe</em> is my third guitar instrumental album," explains Gilbert. "Being a fan of pop music and rock bands, I am a reluctant convert into the art of instrumental rock music. But after touring with Joe Satriani’s G3, I witnessed firsthand the power of the electric guitar to take center stage and rock the audience. Playing my guitar-driven songs live was a blast! This discovery led to a huge increase in my touring as a solo artist. In the last couple of years, I’ve played nearly 150 shows all over the world, with my guitar leading the way."

<em>Fuzz Universe</em> title is inspired by Gilbert being so immersed in the world of guitar it made him realize that he lives in a <em>Fuzz Universe</em>. "Every generation of guitar players has their own terminology for the rock guitar sound: Distortion, Overdrive, Gain, Crunch, Saturation, Drive etc. For me, the word is ‘fuzz.’"

Gilbert’s talent of arranging/composing lends to the new music’s fresh melodies for songs that shows his true diversity.

"As always, my influences are diverse and not what you might expect from a "heavy metal" artist. While I was writing the songs for <em>Fuzz Universe</em>, I was immersing myself in Bulgarian Female Choir music, Baroque lute and violin pieces, Johnny Cash songs about trains, cows, mules, and mining coal, the Bee Gees, and Ronnie James Dio. I mix all this into my head, and out came endless new ideas for my guitar to chew on.

"After several months of being locked in my writing room, I gathered my touring band together and headed to the studio. Jeff Bowders played drums. Craig Martini played bass. Emi Gilbert (my wife) played keyboards. And I bent the guitar strings until I couldn’t play anymore.

"As usual, there are no dramatic stories here. No heroin overdoses, motorcycle accidents, celebrity divorces, or band-member boxing matches. The emotion, drama, and power are all in the music. That is the universe that I want to live in."

Gilbert started his career with Shrapnel Records as a teenager in the late ’80s, and is one of the most active guitarists from the original shred-guitar scene. His resume includes a number one song with Mister Big and cult status as founding member of the legendary and highly successful underground progressive metal band Racer X.

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