BOSS Expands Accessories Lineup with New Cable Solutions

BOSS Expands Accessories Lineup with New Cable Solutions

New Products Include Low-Profile Patch and MIDI Cables for Pedals and Stage-Ready TRS Cables for BOSS/Roland Amplifiers and Foot Controllers

Los Angeles, California, November 19, 2020 — Starting today, BOSS adds the BPC, BMIDI-PB, and BCC cable series to the company’s growing family of premium accessory products for musicians. Custom designed with top-quality materials, each series comes in a variety of lengths and delivers the great performance and lasting durability that BOSS products are famous for.

BOSS BPC cables help players fit more pedals into cramped setups. Equipped with custom right-angle plugs that offer a trimmed-down take on the classic pancake design, BPC cables allow for side-by-side connections on gear with tight jack spacing, such as BOSS 200 and 500 series pedals and popular loop switching products. Engineered for premium tone, each cable features 24K gold-plated connectors, low-capacitance studio-grade cable, and oxygen-free copper wire. Available 4 in./10 cm (BPC-4), 8 in./20 cm (BPC-8), and 18 in./45 cm (BPC-18) lengths, plus a BPC-4 value three-pack (BPC-4-3).

Outfitted with unique multi-directional MIDI connectors, BOSS BMIDI-PB cables optimize space on pedalboards when connecting 5-pin MIDI devices. A custom three-way design lets the user direct and lock each cable end as needed, either at 90-degrees or straight out like a traditional MIDI cable. The low-profile cable is both flexible and durable, with oxygen-free copper wire providing clean data transfer. BMIDI-PB cables are perfect partners for BOSS 500 series pedals, ES-5 and ES-8 switching systems, and any device equipped with standard 5-pin MIDI I/O. Available in 1 ft./30 cm (BMIDI-PB1), 2 ft./60 cm (BMIDI-PB2), and 3 ft./1 m (BMIDI-PB3) lengths.

Rugged and reliable, BOSS BCC cables are ideal for TRS stage connections between the GA-FC Foot Controller and various BOSS/Roland amps, including the Katana, Nextone, Acoustic Singer, and Blues Cube series. They’re compatible with BOSS’s EV-30 expression pedal and FS footswitches, and can also be used as TRS audio cables for sound devices. Oxygen-free copper wire ensures precise signal transmission with maximum noise rejection, while 24K gold plating keeps the plugs corrosion-free. A heavy-duty woven outer jacket offers another layer of noise rejection and eliminates tangles over long runs. Available in 3 ft./1 m (BCC-3-TRA), 20 ft./6 m (BCC-20-TRA), and 30 ft./9 m (BCC-30-TRA) lengths.

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