Tone Electronix releases The Animalizzer

The Animalizzer

November 17, 2020 Portugal Tone Electronix introduces The Animalizzer, an overdrive, distortion and Fuzz effects pedal, Hand Crafted in Portugal.
The Animalizzer comprises 2 clipping stages immediately after the BOOST stage and before the EQ stage. All of these stages are controllable: “Pregain” controls the input signal before going into the stages, “Depth” first tone-shaping process, “Stage I” 3 clipping options, “Stage II” 4 clipping options, “Equalization” will shape the final frequency response.

“Wow this pedal has the greatest sustain and distortion without the noise, I recommend this product and I am proud to be a part of this unique approach to MASS distortion, Handcrafted by one man and one cat in Portugal, the true meaning of boutique!” Orin Portnoy