Tone Electronix releases The Animalizzer

Tone Electronix releases The Animalizzer
The Animalizer
The Animalizzer

November 17, 2020 Portugal Tone Electronix introduces The Animalizzer, an overdrive, distortion and Fuzz effects pedal, Hand Crafted in Portugal.
The Animalizzer comprises 2 clipping stages immediately after the BOOST stage and before the EQ stage. All of these stages are controllable: “Pregain” controls the input signal before going into the stages, “Depth” first tone-shaping process, “Stage I” 3 clipping options, “Stage II” 4 clipping options, “Equalization” will shape the final frequency response.

“Wow this pedal has the greatest sustain and distortion without the noise, I recommend this product and I am proud to be a part of this unique approach to MASS distortion, Handcrafted by one man and one cat in Portugal, the true meaning of boutique!” Orin Portnoy

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