Guitar Hot Sheet Submission



Hot Sheet No. 40 deadline will be 8:30 a.m. on July 14rd.

Rules and Guidelines for Selling on the Guitar Hot Sheet

  • Only one pre-owned instrument for sale per listing.
  • No generic “guitars for sale, call me” listings, or listings of new product allowed. HOWEVER, you can purchase a banner ad on the Hot Sheet for new product items. Contact for details.
  • This is NOT JUST FOR VINTAGE instruments, all used guitar-related gear is welcome.
  • List the BRAND and then MODEL first (since that is how it will be sorted), followed by the date and rest of description.
  • You can use up to 300 characters, which is about 40-50 words.
  • You have the choice of using a phone #, email or an URL for your contact info.
  • Your listing will appear in the next Guitar Hot Sheet this Wednesday.
  • Vintage Guitar reserves the right to refuse any listing for any reason.

Here is an example listing correctly placing the BRAND and MODEL first and using 300 characters:

Fender Stratocaster, 1995, black finish, all original parts, maple fingerboard, orig. hard shell case, I’m the original owner and it was only used around the house! Great player and in great condition. $850. 701-255-11XX. (300 characters total)

Tips for a good online buying experience
Practice good communications. Never assume anything. Ask for a detailed, in-hand description of all parts, including electronics, finish, fretwear, hardware, case, etc.
Find out what’s original and what’s not.
Spell out the deal, including amount, method of payment, shipping method, approval period, etc.
Keep all correspondence and receipts.
Condition definitions vary greatly; we suggest the use of the following:
Mint Condition: Condition the instrument was in when it left the factory. Very rare in older instruments.
Excellent Condition: Very clean, no wear, may be some minor finish and/or playing wear. All original parts and finish. The values in The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide are for instruments in Excellent Condition.
Very Good Condition: This is a very wide range. Instrument is solid playing condition, but may have significant wear, non-original parts, or parts missing.
Good Condition: Still playable, but may have modifications and/or extensive playing wear.
Poor Condition: May have major problems or modified big time.

View the Guitar Hot Sheet HERE.