2019 Happy Holidays

2019 Happy Holidays

Season’s Greetings from Jake Andrews

As we wrap up our Holiday Greeting videos, the VG family would like to wish you all a great rest of the holiday season and a blessed 2020! Jake Andrews sends us off with his ’62 Gibson ES-335, ’68 “Plexi” Marshall Tremelo 50W and 4 x 12 cab with original Greenback Celestion speakers with a Dunlop Echoplex delay! Keep up with Jake HERE!!

Merry Christmas from Alberto Lombardi

Listen to this favorite! Alberto Lombardi wishes us Happy Holidays with his early ‘90s Taylor 515, miked with a Telefunken KM54 tube and an API 512c preamp. Keep up with Alberto HERE

Happy Holidays from Rocky Athas

Rocky Athas shredding on his ‘61 Gibson Les Paul SG and vintage Lab series L5. Keep up with Rocky HERE!!

Happy Holidays from Gretchen Menn

Gretchen Menn brings us “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” by J.S. Bach, arranged by Sophocles Papas using her Sadowsky electric nylon. Keep up with Gretchen HERE!!

Season’s Greetings from Gus G

Gus G gets us up and moving this morning with his Blackstar HT5 and his brand new Jackson signature model which will debut at Namm 2020. Keep up with Gus HERE!!

Happy Holidays from Jimmy

Jimmy from the Deadlies (“VG’s Have Guitar will Travel” podcast host) brings us some Christmas Eve tunes with his Gibson Y2K (J-185) with Dunlop strings. Keep up with Jimmy HERE!!

Happy Holidays from Greg Martin

Greg Martin shares some Holiday tunes on his 2009 Fender Stratocaster, plugged straight into a Pignose amp! Keep up with Greg HERE!!

Happy Holidays from Eugene Edwards

Eugene Edwards joins us in wishing you all a Happy Holidays with his 2001 Danelectro Hodad Baritone. The amp is a Yamaha THR10C practice amp. Keep up with Eugene HERE!!

Happy Holidays from Bumblefoot

Grab your morning coffee and enjoy Bumblefoot on his Cort GA5F-ZR acoustic guitar and Kazoo! Keep up with Bumblefoot HERE!!

Yasmin Williams – This Christmas

Continuing our holiday videos, Tap along with Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas” played by Yasmin Williams with her custom Skytop with a ToneWood amp, Capezio tap shoe, Shubb Capo and GHS Silk & Steel strings. Keep up with Yasmin HERE!!

Happy Holidays with Ray Cummins

Our team here at VG keeps you in the holiday spirit with 12 holiday videos from some of our family. Stay tuned December 23 – 25 for some sweet tunes! Ray Cummins kicks it off by bringing us holiday tunes using his ’98 Gibson Country Gentleman with an 80’s Boss Delay and a ’64 Fender Twin Reverb. Watch til’ the end!!! Do you think Ray’s team is right? Follow him on Facebook!!

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